Trimming machines? Bowl trimmers?

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    bgmike8 Well-Known Member

    I'm getting close to my first harvest and I'm on my own.
    Can anyone recommend a decently priced trimmer that WON'T FUCK UP MY BUDS?

    If it will decrease the value of my dope then fuck it ill go with scissors.

    Any experience is appreciated.

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Bro I run solo on trim days and it takes me a couple of days to trim it solo. 8-10 hours a pound.
    From what I saw the bowl trimmers are good if you have dense buds and don't over crank it.
    Cranker will butcher the buds if they are fluffy.
    Was thinking about getting one of those but blew my budget on other more needed sheet. kinda wish I would of grabbed one now looking into the space at the dense canopy...
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    Carolina Dream'n

    Carolina Dream'n Well-Known Member

    No machine will ever give you hand trim quality.

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    I agree but I find myself getting sloppy after a long trimming session and by day three I am tossing way too much in the trim box saying fuq that sheet then a month later looking in there like wtf was I doing... ;-)
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    bgmike8 Well-Known Member

    I was watching a bowl trimmer video. So much fucking resin wasted. Ripped off the buds.

    Fuck it man. I'm doing it by hand.
    I guess it's a good problem to have. At least I'll have buds right...

    So I'm ordering some hash bags. Gonna maybe infuse all the hash into some coconut oil and maybe make some pills or chocolate or something. Figure if I get it strong enough to fuck someone up for 4-6 hours then I could sell it for 20 a hit and bring some cash in while I'm waiting for cure...
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    frontline Well-Known Member

    I like my 16 inch IPower bowl trimmer. 7 turns one way , 7 the other , done. I still hand trim the big buds.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I have a TrimPro Unplugged and it's useless for buds fresh off the plant but OK if you like to hang your buds to dry fast and don't care about a decent cure. dis Homey don't play dat.

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    be4meliz Well-Known Member

    I have same one and love it-Hand trimmed prior, but avg. ~ a pound each grow & this system works well for me-removed 1 of 2 shims and does nice tight trim,collects sugar leaf in bottom, and does NOT tear up buds as suggested by some. I SLOWLY turn crank 20-25 times one way, then reverse direction. Trimming wet, so no tric loss as some think. Costs~ $100 on Amazon and well made(solid) with xtra blade

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    Gorillaglue4u Well-Known Member

    Do you have to go threw and retrim it after the bowl?

    Indacouch Well-Known Member


    0321Marine Well-Known Member

    Just use child labor.. relatives work great. They'll tell Mom how they helped you trim your Roses all day..

    What? Kids need to learn how to work hard.. its good for them.

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    be4meliz Well-Known Member

    Not really- They come out nice- what some people don't get is big buds need to be broken down to individual buds(I know, 4" makes for good eyecandy), but single buds will cure better & no stem. I try to give the best product posssible & TRUE weight. I could leave some 12-14" colas whole for people that don't know better- but curing is everything, so quality control. I do go back over some furry ones & finish trim, but majority come out nice- then separate larf buds and add to trim for cookies,tincture,whatever. If your only doing small 4-6 zips, then by all means handtrim. I've incorperated family, friends, etc. for handtrimming-but majority agree-This Sucks Sticky,messy,boring as fuck- need adderal or 5 wetbacks LOL Gloves, barehand, finger hash,alcohol(for drinking & cleaning) just too labor intensive. Since it's a wet trim, need drying racks after( you get to skip hanging) just cut off fan leaves, separate buds,run bowl and dump in racks,check same as hanging,when ready throw in jars- I use 1 gal. stainless cure bins with Bovida packs-then jar after stable(62-65%)
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    One method I may try again for using my trimmer is to leave the plants in the pots until they dry out. Just snip off fans and any leaves without sugar and let the colas slowly dry on the standing plants. Then the bud leaves are sticking out dry instead of draped around the buds so the blades can get at them better. More by accident than design wen it happened but the buds came out looking hand trimmed. Even after the soil dried out it took over a week for the buds to dry out and larger ones were still damp inside.

    Might just do that again but pay more attention to how I do it. I have pretty severe arthritis in my hands so hand trimming is not a lot of fun for me. In fact I hate it with a passion.


    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    I am definitely not convinced. That poor weed is getting butchered :weed:

    I guess there will always be somebody that is desperate or doesn't know any better that will buy it.

    be4meliz Well-Known Member

    To each person,there is an opinion-I like Quality control on what I turn loose- just saying, it does a great job-if I throw in some bigger buds for eye candy, then I will finish trim but as an overall solution my trimmer works! I had to go through a decent amount last summer and do not have 5-7 days(work full time) to go thru hand trimming-people have dissed the bowl trimmer for knocking off trics and butchering buds- from experience, I say B.S. Your wet trimming. I lose more trics hand trimming(gloves on or off) and triple the time or more.Have 3 sets of Fiskers, so not new to this. But again, to each their own
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    nurrgle Well-Known Member

    I have used most of the trimmers out there. Used the t2 for outdoor and then ran the t4 for a year or so. Some of my buddies still use the one we pitched on it’s a workhorse.

    I then used the Green Bros and I think this one does the least damage to nugs although it still tumbles the shit out of it and takes to much off.

    Now I spend a week with the wife trimming and listening to Dead shows. If you care about your finished product, it’s the only way.

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