Tried two different brands of cbdoil

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    I've tried two different brands of cbd oil
    In hope to easy my backpain But with no
    relief. Today i tried koicbd it made me relaxed mentally but with no painrelief.
    This cbd thing seems like a big "hype" to me. But maybe it would work if the cbdoil
    Hade some thc in it. Is it possible to ad thc to a cbd oil and to get a product that doesn't make your high But which gives you pain relief? Anyone who has a recipe for this. Thankful for any advice
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    I grow a high CBD strain to treat my osteoarthritis but found a balance of THC/CBD works much better than CBD oil I find online. a change in state law makes it impossible for us to import CBD oil from colorado but before this law took effect I tried CBD oil extracted from Charlotte web and .it was more effective than the hemp extracts from Europe. THC also helped with my hypertension and has allowed me to stop taking prescription drugs for that condition as can add THC extract to CBD oil and use it in an edible (canna butter with cbd oil or powder added ) I used this before I found medihaze seeds to grow. if you don't decarb or heat the pot then the THCA will not be converted to psycho active can add CBD oil to your dried flower and consume it in a gel cap

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