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    Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta Well-Known Member

    I was watering my seedlings last night and popped one out of its cup
    This is the smallest of the seedlings root ball
    Is it time for a transplant into a 3 gal? Or should i wait a bit more.
    Will letting them stay in the smaller container stunt my growth ?

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    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    Depends what grow medium you are using if its coco then I would not suggest a transplant that early however if it is soil I would transplant into three gallon (better to transplant less often as possible as it causes stress). If you leave the plants in a small container for prolonged periods of time and a root ball develops it will stunt growth.How old are the seedlings?,what meduim are you using? (I am struggling to determine whether its soil with perlite or a dark coco with some perlite.), this will help with giving a stronger answer that will hopefully be a more accurate solution to the situation you are facing.

    Hope this helps.
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    Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta Well-Known Member

    Was mainly looking for confirmation
    Its soil fox farms.
    That is the smallest of the 5 I popped her figuring she would have the smallest roots as she is about a node behind her sisters
    Based on her root development
    Just from the looks it looks ready to me
    Was also wondering if there was any BENEFIT to me leaving them in the polar pop cup homes for a week or so more

    All the seedlings are working on their 3rpd maybe 4th node? They aren't 20 days old yet I dont believe ( my son decided my journal would make a good coloring book having to go off bad memory)

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    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    I would transplant, there is no benefit to leaving them in smaller pots and with the possibility of hindered growth with the development of a root ball, it is not worth it waiting longer.Just out of curiosity what strains are you rocking this grow?

    Happy growing.
    Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta Well-Known Member

    lemme see.
    1 white widow
    1 girlscout cookie
    But i mislabeled them so one is the other and until they show some genetic differences i can compare with im just guessing which is which
    I call them both white cookie just cause they are on the same timetable

    The smaller seedlings a week behind
    1 granddaddy purp ( other died)
    3 zombie death fuck ( can't find much info on this strain other than it is .
    Og kushX Satan's spawn )( can't find any info on satans spawn either)
    So at this point im basically considering the zdf fancy bagseed.

    The clones are from my first plant which was from some my brother grew in Nevada
    Cant recall the strain

    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    Love granddaddy purp,never heard of zombie death fuck but it sounds crazy cool.

    Happy growing.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Notice in pix 2 and 3 that your largest leaves have just reached the pot width. This means the root system has grown to the point that the plant is able to support itself in that pot. When you allow the plant to remain in that pot you will see fast vegetative growth. I would give her another 10-14 days in that pot to take advantage of the growth spurt. Transplanting now will slow the growth rate as the plant once again reverts it's energy into filling the new pot with roots. Remember -- plants dedicate most of their energy into growing roots until the roots are able to reach the inside of the pot. After the roots reach that point you get a growth spurt. So your decision really is a factor of how large a plant you want. If you are in a tent or otherwise have space issues you may want to TP soon and go to 12/12 relatively early. If you want a taller, bushier plant now is a good time to top or FIM her and leave her there for a while.

    Good luck, BigSteve.
    Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta Well-Known Member

    Big Steve!!!!! With exactly what I was trying to verbalize.
    I thought i remembered there being a benefit to leaving them for a little while.
    Its been 12+ years since my last grow
    Much appreciation bro

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