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    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    Just a place to drop by and do your thang. Hit the vape, smoke a joint, have some coffee, sit a spell and converse. Play a tune you are listening to or latest band you think is groovy. Tell me about your day/evening/night. I find as I've grown ancient that your friends sort of fade away/die off and I find myself just wishing for conversation. Mundane as that sounds.

    Pull up a chair, take a hit. Relax at the 2RS Coffee Shop.

    All I ask is no drama, no juvenile are you circumcised/when you did you lose your virginity/high school dumb shit. I am pretty no nonsense but very friendly when you get to know me. I don't bite.... HARD anyway... :)

    Annie can vouch for me that thus far I am a quite harmless music loving old hippie :)

    I will start off. Today sucks. Been arguing with my husband. I've been married a little over a year and fucking hate it. The end.



    I am playing this video again just cause I want to stress the point that every word she sings here, is saying exactly what is in my heart today.

    Now for more caramel ice.... and Susan on repeat dammit. I have a mid term tomorrow and can't study for shit. Just fucking off at this point.


    neosapien Well-Known Member

    Firstly, let me say nice to meet you! And thanks for inviting me to your humble shop.
    Secondly, I hope tomorrow doesn't suck as much for you.
    Lastly, I feel this song belongs in here.

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    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    Nice to meet you Neo! I fell in love with coffee shops when I went to Amsterdam a few years ago and it was my favorite place to visit. Smoke a joint, talk with friends about shit that matters, have some good coffee and listen to the best tunes! I miss Amsterdam so much I hope I can afford to go once more for another birthday!

    Thanks for the welcome to the freak show here we go NEO ...... :)

    By the way, the reason for my name, and the name of this coffee shop is because of this song:

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    neosapien Well-Known Member

    I like your concept 2rs. I hope you don't mind if I call you that. I've never been to Amsterdam and like most people here, would relish the opportunity to go. Currently planning a trip to China this January so my wife's family can meet our daughter for the first time. So Amsterdam's going to have to wait.

    I thought the Keller song fit with the mood in here.

    I like your namesake song. My screen name is from a song too.

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    Just thought id stop in here and say hi :grin:bongsmilie pass along some heady vibes to you fine folks :leaf:!!! Good afternoon/early evening everyone.

    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    Highhhhhhhhhhhh Hempy.

    I've been saving this enormous bud of caramel ice tucked away in a jar in the corner of the closet and I busted that bad boy out and its got me high as a Georgia pine!

    Just me and BB King wailing the blues...


    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    I like it in here, the seating, snacks, comfy atmosphere.

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    Gotta love those rainy day jars! I always try to keep a few around but im a heavy toker and generous with friends so sometimes it comes down to the wire. The ganja gods and goddesses have treated me well over the years for the most part though both at the homestead and during my travels.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member


    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    BTOG thanks cn and the blues ;)


    Now off to the gym, enjoy the rest of the day

    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    Wish ya'll had some of this chronic ass caramel ice - I am seriously proud of it. Welcome one and all...please distract me and tell me how your day was or whats up.

    I'm working on being comfortably numb....


    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    When I got bonded out me and the homies where slammin tequila shots. We toasted to freedom atleast 10 times. Did the trick. Still sometimes feels like a bad dream because it happened so long ago. Here soon im going to have to face the music. I have a jury trial that's supposed to start in around 2 months so hempy might not be around for alittle while.

    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    oh shit not good, not good at all... someone close to me did something stupid recently and I've been giving them the ability of a having a second chance. They started a new job this week, goin to be able to pay fines and such and hoping for a diversion since its a first offense. Troublesome thing those law peoples.... :finger:

    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    Never heard this song but sho do love it now... thank ye kindly Papy :)

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    All my charges are :leaf: related. Originally caught 3 felonies but got it knocked down to 2 by the time I was arraigned. Waiting is the worst part. This is my first time getting into trouble so this is all new to me. I was just offered last week a plea that would give me a deferred judgment and upon completion of probation a clean record. Might take it considering Class D felonies carry a sentencing range of 1-5 years in prison each.

    Dislexicmidget2021 Well-Known Member

    Hey man hows it goin?Droppin by to say hi! AM plenty baked atm ,beerin it up to.This song is what im feeling right now!


    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    So sorry to read this, makes my probs seem much less intense and more like I feel like a whiney ass when people have it so much worse than I. I wish you the very best of luck. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best for you.

    I am sitting on the screened porch listening to birds singing, so stoned you could blindfold me with speaker wire....

    I am finding that peace of mind is one of the most valuable assets one could have.... I've got to somehow center myself and feel peaceful again.

    In the meantime I am staring down this crappy woodpecker who is killing my damned tree. It's gonna have to be done away with soon.

    And here's some Al Green cause he just always makes me feel better hearing him...


    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    I decided to have a teeny little cocktail. I go inside off the porch to the fridge and I keep hearing this crispy little sound. I look all around me wondering where its coming from. I stroll to the fridge to get a wee cocktail. Just a harmless smirnoff pineapple ice or two to take the edge off the day. I keep hearing the sound. It only makes a sound when I move. I look down and discover a rolling paper stuck to my foot.

    I took that as a sign to roll another caramel ice joint off this giganto bud. I am slowly sliding into shitfacedom. I like it here. yes... yes I do.


    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    Just finished jarring/tupperware my grow that was plagued with elec. problems:idea:, about one tupperware container short. I'm just glad I'm not seeing any seeds. lol

    Note: was forced to empty last of durban poison and kandy kush to make room, it been a while since I smoked any. cough, cough.

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    1935, a black woman, strong and expressive. Recording singing about titties, making a dead man cum and fucking.
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