Too much bud! What to do with it?!

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    So, if you had too much bud (actual flowers) and have no more places to put the mason jars full of bud... what would you do?

    1) Make bubble hash?
    2) Make rosin?

    Both would obviously allow for using the flowers to create more concentrated forms and more importantly, save space!

    Thoughts?? Preferences??
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    Coloradoclear Well-Known Member

    Canna-butter for edibles, BHO for candy or gummies . . . Maybe a couple of additional girl friends
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    Dougnsalem Member

    I didn't like this, because of the girl friend part. After my last one, I'm good for awhile. Crazy bitch..... Lol
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    Coloradoclear Well-Known Member

    Trade some weed for puppies!!! Dogs are always happy to see you!

    raggyb Well-Known Member

    Make up some salve. I used 10 oz for a quart. But it's lasted a long time. Shit think I'll go use some now.
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    HFMedicinals New Member

    Do you have a recipe for the salve?? Sounds like something I could use. Lol

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Buy more jars, you can never have enough weed.

    delacruz Active Member

    I like making oil with an alcohol wash. I can use it for gummies, salves, and fill cartridges with it. But what I mostly do with extra is give it away to friends who are good at things I'm not like carpentry, plumbing ect. They're always happy to do me a favor in a pinch.

    HFMedicinals New Member

    Haha, yeah my neighbors are excellent carpenters, but they’re Amish... country living has its benefits and downsides. But definitely oil sounds like the way to go. I haven’t tried making gummies yet. I have a ton of caps and butter. Candies and salves!
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    canndo Well-Known Member

    There is no art to oil (don't start, just don't). Look at wine or beer. Interesting, flavorful, artistic, entertaining. Look at cigars, varied in taste and body and scent

    As we refine such things, the art dissapears. Change from cigars to cigarettes and you have essentially a crude nicotine delivery device. They stink, there is no genuine enjoyment, just nicotine. Brandy is distilled wine, not as interesting, but far stronger. Beyond that, we get to ethanol. Why would you drink straight ethanol? For a buzz. Not in order to appreciate your hard effort or the strain or your care.

    But you said you don't have space.

    We're I you then I would seek to preserve all of the taste and scent qualities of your effort.

    Oil doesn't do that.. Not really. And oil is more volatile, prone to chemical degredation.

    My favorite concentrate is old style hashish. Sifted or collected. , a nice grade of non green, compressed and well preserved Moroccan style hash, golden, fragrant, powerful yet smooth is my all time favorite if I am smoking at all.

    I believe it is under valued and under appreciated.

    One of my pet peeves is the adolescent sort of "candy" flavors and aroma. It's all sweet. Fruits, cookies, lemon, grape, kiddy flavors, like a roll of lifesavers.

    I'm a scotch drinker, a fine cigar smoker, I like a steak now and again, I like good wine and smoked fish and red pasta sauce. All savory, "adult" flavors. (I do have a sweet tooth so I'm not condemning cookies and pie and ice cream and such)

    For some reason, such traditional hash has fragrances and tastes of incense, exotic spices...the taste of mystery, of adventure, savory, peppery, wonderful.

    Bubble hash just doesn't have the same quality. The water seems to wash something special away.

    Well. Anyway, that's what I do with my extra and people love it when I click down a little brick of quality hash. (You can tell how good the hash is by the sound.. The good stuff seems to "click")
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    HFMedicinals New Member

    If I knew how to properly infuse cannabis into wine I’d be doing that. My other hobby is wine making. Haven’t been bold enough to try and infusions yet.

    raggyb Well-Known Member

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