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    Any tips on my project's?
    Back left one I am thinking I should trim but don't know if I should yet. Any tips and info would be amazing just another noob trying to learn as much as I can sponge in

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    I still have some noob in me but IMO, leave it alone.

    As far as tips and tricks, read read read and then read more.

    Good luck, looks like a good start.
    Richard Drysift

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    No don't trim them yet; lollipop the lowers when they get tall enough to take clones from the bottom. This might be a good time to top or FIM them though which will give you multiple colas and slow down vertical growth.
    The best advice I can give any soil grower is to ditch the nutes and go organic: Learn about recycling and amending your soil and keep on reusing it; gets better with age. Start up a worm bin and have free compost for life. Use a clean water source and you'll never need to buy nutrients again. Wish someone told me this when I started out...
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