Thread gone


Hello admins, yesterday i was following a thread regarding mars hydro and some rather questionable pictures posted on their instagram or other similar social media, however for some reason the thread disappeared, i assume it was deleted by mods but i want to ask if it was deleted because to protect mars hydro since they are advertisers here? or because someone posted something personal in there?

I mean, surely the thread was not deleted to protect a business from fully earned critique just because they put money in the box, right?

But i am also in doubt of it being because of personal information shared since i have found threads with pictures of asian employees in soldier outfits and what not.. :D

If possible please enlighten me.

Thanks on advance


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It was deleted because it was just a bash fest :) including racist comments
Plus the photo in question was never posted on rollitup

itdoesn’t have anything to do with their advertising lol