Thoughts on my new vertical scrog setup (108 lights).

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    I have been working on designing new grow rooms for our commercial facility (new to this business) and was looking at using pallet racking to be able to have a flower room with 2 levels.

    The ceilings are 9' high, which gives 2 levels of 48" grow space(having the top lights on the ceiling). The white room will have a total of 108 lights with 36 of them on the lower level of the pallet racking and 72 of them mounted on the ceiling.

    I was going to use 2 - 42x44 Fluence LED lights per 4x8 section of pallet racking(lower level). The plants can grow up to 6" away from the bottom of the light for a total maximum plant height of 42"(with a 6x6x6 rockwool cube)

    How many plants would you recommend to see in a 4x8 flood tray 42" max height plant with 2 LED lights? I see people recommend 1 plant per square foot, but I was wondering what the difference in yield would be if I ran more or less plants per square foot.

    18 plants in a 4x8 flood tray with 2 lights (.563 plants per square foot);
    24 plants in a 4x8 flood tray with 2 lights ( .75 plants per square foot);
    32 plants in a 4x8 flood tray with 2 lights ( 1 plant per square foot).
    36 plants in a 4x8 flood tray with 2 lights ( 1.13 plants per square foot).

    1.What do you guys think the best amount of plants to have in a 4x8 section is for best yield numbers?

    2. There will be 1.5x the lights on the ceiling as opposed to the lower levels. Do you guys think the light setup is adequate?

    3. How much cooling do you guys think will be required for 108 SPYDRx Plus LED lights in a 1650 square foot room? They are 660 watt and over 900 PPFD.

    4. With a 42" max plant height, how large should the veg plants be when starting the flower cycle?

    5. Does plants per square foot matter when it comes to vegging from clones?

    6. Looking at a sealed room with CO2. What is the best way to maintain negative pressure in a sealed room?


    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    have you ever grown before? you asking allot of noob questions.
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    High Power

    High Power Active Member

    Send an email to [email protected], they can help with design, they are pros at using pallet racking.

    BmoreBuds86 New Member

    First off, it sounds like you're planning more of a SOG setup than a SCROG... Either which way, how tall will your buckets be?... If you figure 12" for buckets, 6-8" above that for screen, that'll leave you with about 12-14" for plant height with a 6" space between tops and light... From my understanding, LEDS should be further away from plants, like 12" to 18" but I'm not 100% sure what the specifications of your exact light are... If you keep the plants around 6" to 8" high, you should be ok but there's no guarantee on that exact height of your plant so you might wanna account for extra height just in case and see how it goes once you dial everything in

    standard_model New Member

    I have never grown before, and am in the process of trying to learn everything I can in regards to a grow operation. In Michigan the medical laws were not intended for any type of considerable profits to be had off current legislation, so I never got involved. Now the legislation has changed, and I should have everything all set on the city/state level to start an operation.

    Maybe I should try posting in the newbie forum. We all have to start somewhere I suppose.

    Thank you!

    I will be using 6x6x6 rockwool cubes, the lights are Fluence SPYDRx Plus which are designed to work at 6" distance from the top of the plant. That gives the plant a maximum height of 42" from the base of the rockwell cube to the top of the plant.

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    So you never grown before and your business plan is 'I've signed up to a marijuana forum' and you want to start a million dollar enterprise? I think you need to grow some bag seed in a 4x4 tent to start out and get a feel for things before you put the horse in front of the cart.
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    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    If you have that kind of money for a ground up, find something to do with MJ you do know. Making edibles, extracts and the such. Investor groups will be up and making money B4 you buy dirt.
    High Power

    High Power Active Member

    What's your budget?
    Carolina Dream'n

    Carolina Dream'n Well-Known Member

    You are not going to be able to get plants 6 inches from an LED.
    You will throughly regret using those racks in flower. Good luck with those 4 ft height restrictions and pulling any kind of yield.
    For those racks you've be better off with 50 plants per 4x8 vegged for 4-5 days max. Will have to be a perfect veg or plants will suffer tremendously in flower. It leaves no room for mistakes, for someone who has never grown before. Gooooodluck.
    Why would you have less light on lower rack then top? If distance is same use same amount of light.
    Co2 won't work very well in a rack system like that. The plants on the lower racks will receive much more co2 than the top ones unless you have massive amounts of air movement.

    You'd be so much better off with DE 1000s on the ceiling and 315w CMH vertical bare bulb in the walkways for flower rooms. Use the racks for veg so you don't need as much space.

    natasdaisy Well-Known Member

    i cant tell if he is a troll or not. in any case more money than brains, Led is going to be 3-4 times as expensive as other lighting at start up. and that money would be better spent on hiring someone who actually knows how to grow. if youve never grown before you will almost certainly have failures and to start out with hydro with no other experience is increasing that potential for failure by orders of magnitude.
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    DrWahoos Member

    Those fluence SPYDRx lamps have proven muchhhhhh stronger than anticipated. If you go on instagram and just search hashtags you will find almost all of them are far above.

    fn217 Active Member

    Hire someone before you run out of money from failed crops. Growing cannabis is very difficult if not impossible to do at that scale with no experience.

    fn217 Active Member

    I just wanted to add an aside... it sounds like you have done extensive research and are jumping right in. That path is familiar to me, and I know it can be done. That being said, in my experience having that much to manage with only theory and no hands on experience will be extremely overwhelming and the percentage of risk of failure is very high.

    Things will snowball quickly all around you, and no matter how much preemptive planning you do to prevent problems, unforseen problems will arise. Only experience can teach these things. Being able to read the plants and understand what they want from their environment at that time will help you keep entire rooms of flowering plants coming to crippling failure.

    Better to start smaller. If you spend every waking moment learning, as it sounds like you have, you will reach that skill level quickly, allowing you to pull of a large scale production, with a skilled team behind you.

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