this place is like a ghost town

Discussion in 'Montana Patients' started by captain chronizzle, Dec 11, 2012.

    captain chronizzle

    captain chronizzle Well-Known Member

    Yep, ghost town. thanks to all the greedy caregivers that ruined a perfectly good situation. Doing just fine without you, but you had to show up with your greed.

    weednewbie Member

    Right?? This sucks! Colorado, Washington, there smoken it up, and we still need to hide the fact we enjoy weed / would rather use marijuana than pills for medical issues?! This society is so fucked up! I Could get a card and I am a Disabled Veteran but then I would't be able to hunt because you can't own weapons if you have the worthless card here in Montana. (It is worthless due to our state) Anyway- Im on my third grow and I'm doing better every time. Lets hope Montana smokers step up and start some threads!

    ironmangler Member

    yea I tried to move to montana I even bought a house but your laws scare me. I only visit often my card and my garden are still in washington. If your only on your third grow can I give a few hints. Start a calender so you can repeat every time and its the small things that add up to make it killer or make it so so. If you do those two things it will set you on a good path. I have 30 years experience and its the kind.I use a homemade airoponics system and my 15 give me pounds of nothing but tops every 6 or 7 weeks. Thanks for serving I was Navy and may your grow do well.

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    Agreed. People profiting from running highly visible "medical card caravans" spoiled it for everyone and should be run out of town on a rail. Hope Jason gets karmic payback for his self-serving, egotistical, greedy actions.

    ironmangler Member

    I think it was more the state saw they were not in control so they shut it down any way it is we got screwed! And 63% of the voters wanted it. I still have the Kind just I keep it quiet. I will be their next month and my jars will be full.

    montanachadly Active Member

    It doesnt say anywhere in our law that if your a card holder you cant hunt. It was a fed memo that went out that said gun dealer shouldnt sell guns to card holders. But there are loopholes in any law. It doesnt ask in the gun questionaire if you are a card holder. It asks are you under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Simple answer to this when you go buy a gun dont smoke or if you do smoke are you intoxicated? probably not. It is a felony to lie on these forms but if your not stoned when you buy the gun your not lying. I have been a card holder for 4 years and have bought a few different guns. .38 spc pistol, .45 1911 and an bushmaster AR 15.

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    I live in Montana too and they were one of the first to tell Obama where to stick it when the order first came out.
  8. :C Hope Montana follows suit with WA and CO. Can't get any fucking bud where i am in MT, so i have to drive 9 hours to washington where my medical card is valid...Fucking blows...
    West Side Jody

    West Side Jody New Member

    Cali got them cheap prices :) add me no bullshit tho.

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