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    After reading the proposed changes Raimondo has put fourth and having time to process it my absolute outrage is almost uncontrollable. It's bad enough she wants to my grower pay for these tags to generate more revenue for this corrupt state on the backs of the sick and others who should rather not treat their pain with toxic drugs or get addicted to opiates! Just when I thought that was the extent of this new administrations plan I actually read the whole bill and the additional changes it would make to RI's current regulations. WOW! This governor wants to make it harder for patients to actually legally grow their own medicine and will give more control to compassion centers. We should be moving in a more progressive direction and not regulating and taxing the crap out of it.
    I have been just disgusted with Gina Raimondo's policies especially since I voted for her as I felt she was the lesser of two evils. I could go on for hours about her and these issues but I won't. I wanted to see what everyone else had to say about this? We need to stop this from becoming law.
    Also COOLER WARMER!!!! Really? How absolutely lame is that. Wtf is going on?!?!

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    Didn't get through. At least not yet. Was sent back to the drawing board.

    Warmer / cooler,,,, should read "Lobsta / Mobsta"!

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    The rhode island general assembly isnt over yet, they have made revisions to the proposals and there is a plant tracking system they want to begin in 2017. I bet they will be taking names and addresses which will mean cops coming and checking up on you randomly.

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    New tax 300.00 one time per year to get tags or 25.00 per includes seedling and mature plant. 1 tag covers seedling and mature plant once you harvest mature plant remove tag and put it on the next mature plant.

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    Where do I pay the taxes on my plants?

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