There is nothing like feeling that "Crunch" when SuperCropping.

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    This is a landrace sativa called Kilimanjaro . I gave a seed to my brother and he got it to grow. All of mine turned out to be males. He went on a road trip a few weeks ago and gave me back the plant since he couldn't take care of it. It was a weird one. It sprouted with two tops.

    It was getting too tall so I supercropped both sides. The stems were pretty thick and I cropped about eight inches down. When I crushed the stem so much liquid was flowing that my fingers were dripping cannabis juice.
    It's only in a two gallon pot of coco but I'm up-sizing it since it's outside and I'm tired of watering twice a day.
    Goes to show how resilient this "Weed" actually is. Just like stepping on a weed in your yard it grows back.


    Before supercropping


    After supercropping


    Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

    Twenty Four hours later


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    Agreed. Those two bends are stressful but not unbearable. Should be just fine but I wouldn't keep doing it because it stunts development.
    I have done some pretty harsh supercropping :fire:

    Like 30 branches at once bongsmilie

    Good luck!
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    another option ....take clones

    nice plant

    good luck

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    This is one of the techniques I use on my indoor grows- I treat it like a bit of B&D for the girls. Your plant looks like she'll do fine-good luck with the rest of your grow.

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