The Vault’s Auto Colorado Cookies Comparative Grow – in association with Dutch Passion

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    looks ready but still way too many clear trichs....just twiddlin my thumbs.... IMG_20190331_231016.jpg
    forming up real nice, but still weeks out IMG_20190331_231032.jpg
    the stringy one finished up first, not gonna be a great yield but it smells funky as hell....and they were all three started on the same day...

    thewanderer718 Well-Known Member

    Cookies are the ones in the back 20190401_212217.jpg 20190401_212316.jpg
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    It's not oregano

    It's not oregano Well-Known Member

    Day 88. Will chop this weekend, which will be bang on 13 weeks. Not the greatest set of pics as I was in a rush this morning.

    Massive difference in pheno's between the two plants. Plant 1 on the left is more compact, has a lot fewer bud sites but the buds are rock hard, probably some of the densest buds I have ever had. She has very few leaves compared to plant 2. You can really tell there is a blueberry in her parentage.

    Plant 2 is bigger and has a lot more bud sites even though I didn't train her, but they are less dense and longer. Has a lot more leaves and she is turning more purple as time goes on, but only showing hints rather than a full on purple. She has always looked to be a couple of weeks behind plant 1, even though they sprouted on the same day and have had the exact same conditions, feeds etc. I might have given her a few more weeks to bulk up, but I have to chop this weekend in order to dry and jar both plants before going away.

    Fairly happy with how these grew, no major problems. To say they are under 110w of samsung strips I have got decent growth from both plants, easily as good as the 150w of store leds I used to use. I will post a dry weight when I get one.

    IMG_4312.JPG IMG_4313.JPG IMG_4314.JPG IMG_4315.JPG

    steff44 Well-Known Member

    Day 49

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    It's not oregano

    It's not oregano Well-Known Member

    No pics but got dry weights.
    Plant 1 was 80g
    Plant 2 was 84g with the big bud coming in at 18g. I would normally have given this plant another week or more, but wanted to make sure it was dry and safely jarred before i went away, so could have got more.
    Total 164g so 4g under 6 oz.
    I got a lot of trim / popcorn for edibles as well. Very happy to say i only used 110w of Samsung strips for the majority of the grow, upped to 120w for the last week. That is as near as damn it 1.5 gpw.
    A big thank you to @Jack Vault for running the comparative, i will probably use some of this run to practice making RSO before i grow the cbd strains i bought from you. As long as I go outside so don’t accidentally decarb the kitchen i should be ok with the info you gave me, cheers mate!
    Jack Vault

    Jack Vault Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Yes, outside is preferable bro - if you did go for indoors you'd also need a gas mask/painter's mask.

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