The Ultimate Odour Control Thread

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    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Odour control

    So you want to know about odour control in the grow room.
    This is just a list of the things you can use to control the odour.
    You've got to realise before you start growing that your ganja is going to smell.

    (If you live in a house with your parents, you best just wait it out till you get your own place. ;) )

    Here is a compiled list of helpful information to help you learn the knowledge that will help you to become a good grower.

    If you feel you can contribute, then post!

    The carbon filter.


    Taken from wikipedia -

    "Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a piece of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption. Each piece of carbon is designed to provide a large section of surface area, in order to allow contaminants the most possible exposure to the filter media."

    A carbon filter works by removing "the smell" from the air that passes through it.
    Place a fan so that it's blowing (or pulling ) air through a carbon filter/scrubber.
    It's that simple!
    You can buy them from most good Hydroponic stores, as well as online. (eBay etc.)

    The most common questions asked when anyone talks about a carbon filter is the following :
    Can't i get it cheaper than in the store?

    The answer is YES!

    DIY Carbon filters

    Below is a list of links to useful DIY carbon filters that people have made themselves.
    Remember these are tried and tested and the people who have made them swear they work well for their needs.
    ( Just remember to take into account that your needs may be different. )

    I will be updating this list as more are found/made.
    By MalteseGrower.
    By panhead.
    by RandyRocket.
    Found by MightyBuddha.
    By DrGreenFinger
    by xKaminAx
    (Works in a similar way.)

    Links to other websites.

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - DIY pro style carbon filter

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - Simple Scrubber

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - DIY - Build a Carbon Scrubber For Dummies!

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - Panasonic Whisper Fan Carbon Scrubber Tutorial: Quietest most efficient fan ever!

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - micro carbon scrubber

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - $30 DIY Carbon Filter (Design by Ryoko)

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - hepa filter to carbon scrubber for 20 bucks

    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - DIY Carbon scrubber.

    ONA gel.


    ( Taken from ONA Gel odor neutralizer from 4 by Growco Indoor Garden Supply. )

    "Two odors can offset one another when they combine to form a bond. ONA's ingredients come from a blend of 32 essential oils and plant-derived compounds, that bond with and neutralize a wide array of pesky odors.

    ONA odor neutralizer was originally developed for industrial applications to neutralize the strong odors in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants. If it can handle those conditions, think what it can do for you!"

    ONA gel works by "killing" the smell.
    ( used in a grow room on a regular cycle. )

    Hopefully this will stop a lot of questions asking the same things.

    I started this to get the ball rolling.
    I know a lot is missing.

    If you feel you can contribute, then post!

    Please post all odour questions in the thread linked below.

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    Arrid Well-Known Member


    Arrid Well-Known Member

    No one has anything they could add?

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    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    i have nothing to add but i would like to thank you for the info and the diy.
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    KillerWeed420 Well-Known Member

    What about UV Ozone generators?
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    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Check the link in my last post. I don't know much about UV ozone generators so i can't say much on the subject.. i was hoping other people would be able to add to what i'd already collected.
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    GotBeat5.0 Well-Known Member

    nice little thread here def should be considered to be stickied considering the same Q is asked a million times a day

    mikeeees Well-Known Member

    so i kinda cut out a kleenex box, cut a wholle in the top where my fan is, got a mesh bag and poured carbon in it, and it seems to be pretty nice :)

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    That seems like an ok idea but isn't card ( which the box is made out of ) porous?

    I always assumed it was.
    But if it works. It works :D

    mikeeees Well-Known Member

    wel i dont know if it works yet, today is actuallly the day im putting everyhting in, because i finally finished building last night.

    i'll send a link when im done the threaddd :)

    potlike Well-Known Member

    Found this elsewhere and just got the soilmoist today...

    Shopping list:
    5 gallon bucket
    Holmes Fan

    Remove screws from holmes fan from walmart ... it does fit perfectly in the 5gallon bucket(i've tried this... doesn't even need to be bolted duct taped or secured at all)

    drill holes around bucket

    mix 10 cups water
    1 cup ona
    1 cup soil moist

    Clean air now!

    this wasn't my own idea but I know ona works and the soil moist added to it makes the ona last longer as it absorbs the liquid and slowly releases it.

    Wolfman Zen

    Wolfman Zen Well-Known Member

    Nice idea, but can we get a pic, or sketch or something?

    GreenGold Well-Known Member

    I have activated charcoal in my ac's intake, then ducted back into the flower room
    works good for smell but I use it mostly to control temps

    the pics are without the intake box, which has the charcoal in it with a duct back into the flowing room
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    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Activated carbon right?


    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    bad ass thread.

    thanks for the time and effort put into this thread. im sure everyone from noobs to experienced alike will appreciate it

    potlike Well-Known Member

    here you go

    Do this in tandem with a diy activated carbon filter and odor will not be a problem you will experience- guaranteed.

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    bongrippinbob Well-Known Member

    I have been using an OdorSok for quite some time now. It works really well for the price. I only paid like $100 for it, and I've been using it for a good year now with no problems. In the last 7-10 days, you do get some smell, but for the price, its kind of expected. I have been growing in an apt and no neighbors have said a word.
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    dannydr44 Active Member

    Excellant thread...this was very helpful...for me atleast...thanks...

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    dannydr44 Active Member internet locked up...and I didn't know if my post went through...anyway great post...

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    Leeguana Well-Known Member

    Many kudos for this thread. I find if I just keep creeping around, I will find the answers much quicker than if I would pose the question, lol.

    ROI (especially the DIY section) rocks.
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