The Ultimate (Dutch Passion Seeds)

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    Strain : The Ultimate (Dutch Passion Seeds) - FEM

    From dutch passion ::

    A balanced 50% indica, 50% sativa variety. It gives a fast hitting high thanks to the indica component. Those that do not have a high tolerance to cannabis should note that this is a strong high which continues to climb in intensity. Even experienced smokers have been caught out by the strength of this variety, this is definitely not a day time smoke. It has a strong cerebral and physical effect, its a great variety for relaxing or for medical use. The variety was discovered by Dutch Passion several years ago after we came across a unique phenotype that delivered special quality levels combined with great production, taste, aroma and resin levels. The original parent genetics were never disclosed, partly because we wanted The Ultimate to be recognised as a variety in her own right.)

    Genetics: Secret.... 50/50 Indica Sativa

    #Bag appeal: 7/10 Very frosted a fairly lite shade of green almost whitish with a golden hue (amber)

    #Trichomes: 9/10 Mostly cloudy with a few amber very frosted with a little golden glow (lite & white)

    #Density :7/10 The flowers don't look very/feel dense (moe of a lite looking flower) but very surprised as it seems to explode when chopped up (very fluffy)

    #Aroma: 7/10 A bit skunky , notes of Citrus with a tad of diesel when snaped/broken very sweet and pleasant
    *Smoking Tool* = Water Pipe

    #Taste: very lite and pleasant slight sweet/hashy note on inhale, notes of citrus & Skunk with a slight sweet & hashy flavor in the middle on exhale (very lite and enjoyable, lingers on palate for 10/15 mins.

    #Smokeability: Very very very smooth possibly one of the smoothest strains I have encountered (Only dryd for 3 days & 5 days cured.
    (I also sampled some 2 days dry no cure) and was still as smooth no sting what so ever (left to hang and room temp fan dry'd) ,
    I also use tabbaco with my mix (not when testing) and with this strain I can use next to none,
    leaves a nice warm chesty glow like a shot of smooth rum/wiskey not anuff to make me cough In a good way.

    #onset: Shes a bit of a creeper, the sativa hit you with an instant pick me up antidepressant effect, motivated mentally, (I am a musician and as of late have not worked on anything for a few months (I smoke everyday) after using this strain/medication I have been acting on my urges to put pen to paper and re embark on my music (after 10 plus year of making music you can run into writers block, this strain has helped release alot of my creative blocks of late)
    After about 7 min mark the cerebral effects intensify the indica starts to fill your body around 10/15 min mark (a nice warm glow in the face -not a munted i looked high feeling just a warm blanket) it seems to over ride the sativa effects (still mentaly motivated and chaty but a tad couch locked at the same time) again great for music or anything creative that you engage will sitting down I.E great for gaming, and pc activity's (I use the ultimate when trading crypto to help keep me onto it and relaxed (I have a rly bad back it help with this to though no as much as say higher cbd strains)

    #Duration: Im a heavy smoker (constant) lasts about 1 hour mentally 2-3 for pain relief.

    #Strength: 7.5/10 (I enjoy a bit more of a intense high this is middle ground (for a none daily smoker I'd say it'd be very strong)

    #Usability: more of a daytime smoke for me but after a gram it flips to a nice night time smoke although not as much as say O.G Kush or Bigbomb.


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    We get it.
    The Ultimate (Dutch Passion Seeds)
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    Sounds like a 'make me shoot better on fortnite' strain. I can't aim for sheet..

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