The smell goes after i dry....

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    iNFID3L Well-Known Member

    guys , ive been around here for a while but since i managed to crop 1st time around i didnt keep coming back so much, anyway i seem to be suffering somehow with the stink factor, when i chop, my plants smell lovely , but soon after i jar them up, the smell goes and its just not the same, can anyone pls advise ? am i drying too quickly ? usually 5/7 days i chop, then trim a little, then chop the branches and trim some more, then finally remove all the nugs and jar up.

    im scratching my head here , is it temp related, feeling kinda lost atm.

    iNFID3L Well-Known Member

    also i suspect chopping after 11 weeks might be too early, even tho i get 10 % amber, i might go for 13 weeks or more this time.

    primobozo Well-Known Member

    Could be strain related, I have one that smells like heaven while growing , but does not retain the same smell after cured. OG Kush is one that , for me anyways, keeps a great smell after cure.
    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    did you dry too fast? did you dry in an area not cool enough with low humidity? did you trim before hanging & drying? please give more details if possible.

    Cappuchino Well-Known Member

    I have same problem: after about 2 days drying my buds lost aroma and smell like grass. I cut all leavs and did fine trim. I dry in 20-25 degrees Celsius and 55%-70% rh (my digital hygrometer says 55% and analog says 70% rh). But after bud spends some time on the street in my pocket smell comes back.

    soxfantony312 Member

    the smell will likely return a bit after a proper cure. the tastiest bud ive ever had was harvested and jarred (with the humidity monitored) months before i smoked it
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    5BY5LEC Well-Known Member

    How are you growing? If you grow some dank it should keep the smell for the most part, even through dry and trim. There is really no trick to it. If it is grassy after you dry it, its not going to change a whole lot. I would just keep on perfecting your grow and the stank will come. You will know what I mean.
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    iNFID3L Well-Known Member

    thanks guys, i am about to purchase a humidifier too , question is, does it have to be on the floor in the grow room ? i dont have floor space but i can shelve it, is that going to be ok ?
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    as long as it's in an enclosed area, it will raise the rh.
    a lot of the smell depends on which terpenes a plant produces, and how much. some terps "evaporate" at low temperatures, so you'll smell them when the plant is growing, but once you cut, those terps will volatilize and evaporate with the moisture in the plant.
    as the curing process continues,less volatile terps are un-bonded from water molecules, and will start to be a lot more noticeable. just takes time.
    A.K.A. Overgrowem

    A.K.A. Overgrowem Well-Known Member

    I have a J.C. Penny humidifier that can be set anywhere. The top area must be open/clear for the mist to be expelled. Works great.
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    iNFID3L Well-Known Member

    im uk based so ill have to do some digging, see whats suitable, currently at 35 rh :( 3rd week of veg, better hurry

    Cappuchino Well-Known Member

    Yeh, smell of my buds is changing already, after a few days of cure.
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    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    just out of curiosity, what are you feeding your plants?

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    I found minimizing the N after week 5 on a 9-10 week strain and upping the sulphur and potassium around the same time helped a lot. I will PK dose from week 3 and gradually lessen the PK and start adding potassium sulfate in its place. Cut out the PK completely by week 6-7 and keep the K2SO4.

    I still need to do more research but I used to struggle with smell.

    Genetics do play a role and so does how it's dried.

    I found I lost a lot of smell from 64% RH to 60%. A slow burp jar I feel would have lessened the smell that was lost. But it regained it after a couple week in the jar. It's been 2 months and it is absolutely dank now. True double bagger
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Lots of it is strain dependent as others have already mentioned. I try to use a 60/60 rule, which is keeping temperatures and humidity levels in the 60's. I also aim for 7-10 days to dry before beginning to cure. I prefer to hang dry large branches or often times full plants when drying. If it's low humidity (winter times) I'll tend to leave more leaves on to extend the drying. Sometimes in high humidity times I'll wet trim and then dry, it all really depends on the season and RH in the area.

    In my experience when I dried too fast I'd notice a lack of aroma. That hay smell... On the flip side I also recall one time when I jarred up too early (when the plants could've used more time to dry), and they had a musky aroma. I threw that batch out as I didn't want to risk mold or mildew. I chalked it up as a learning experience and began understanding that patience is key.

    Nowadays I'll get a plant from time to time that just genetically doesn't put out a lot of odor. I know this because all the other plants would just absolutely stink (in a good way), and then I'll have one that doesn't. It's kind of weird.

    Last tip, I've found that 3 and 5 gallon buckets (with sealable lids) are more convenient to cure in over jars. Just personal preference.
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    I just grow and chuck for myself and use 5 quart ice cream pails with lids. I get to eat the ice cream and save them for curing.

    Venus55 Well-Known Member

    You should’ve mentioned your temps. Do u take fans or anything off before u hang? If u hang? Probs should’ve mentioned that part too.

    But anyway in my opinion your answer is in the jar. If it doesn’t smell good after jarring then it’s gone in too early. Easy answer I would have thought.(not being a smartass).

    When they’re all trimmed and feel dry to touch on the outside I put them into paper bags like the ones dep.stores use, peg the bags shut and hang them somewhere cool and breezy. Usually I leave em for two or three days like that (but after hanging on lines in ideal temps for 7-10days first), and THEN they start seeing jars and still smell fucking amazing!!

    I’m still new to growing and so that’s just my opinion, and also what works for me.

    Hope u work it out:leaf:
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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    Keep temperatures low, 60-65% RH and Dry trim only. Buds go in jars only when they are fully dried, never put them in to "Sweat them out."

    I remove large fans, hang whole plant for at least 10 days, then dry trim and put trimmed nugs back into brown paper bags and back in the dry room for another day or 2, then into jars and then into cold storage.
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    soxfantony312 Member

    do you have any airflow at all during this time?

    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    Yes, i assumed that was a given in dry rooms.
    I have a dehumidifier, fans and an inline fan with a carbon filter in my room. I wish I could run an a/c but its way too expensive for me in Hawaii but my room is in my basement which stays pretty cool.
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