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    Hello RIUppers - Newly registered and making my introduction post. I go by Srirachi which is a place actually, not a sauce - but the origin of the screen name is that one day a friend became annoyed with my cooking on a climbing trip and yelled "Why is all the food you make always all sriracha-y?!" because the eggs were... well... sriracha-y. I was on this long before it was popularized to damn death so I apologize in advance if you're as sick as I am of sriracha sauce being the new black. Fuck hipsters, eat your sriracha.

    I first grew in the late 80s. I've never done hydro. I use Happy Frog once then dump it in my outdoor garden. I'm considering doing some hydro in the future just because I want to try it.

    Currently I use a 600 and 400 HID in a 4x4 room, the 600 switching between MH and HPS and the 400 staying MH. I have a separate veg chamber with LEDs. I used a LED main grow light for about two weeks before hitting it with a hammer until I could fit it into my trash can. If you've bought one of those super expensive LEDs and it works, I'd love to hear about it. My initial impression of the cheaper Amazon LEDs has been that they're given good reviews by people who have never used an HID. If you've had a good experience with an LED I'd love to know the brand and how it performed.

    So, that's me - looking forward to learning from you all and contributing what I can!

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    Hello and welcome! ..I've got a half a bottle of you in my fridge right now! :mrgreen:

    ps. If you add enough sugar to Frank's Red Hot it becomes kinda Sriracha-y, just sayin..
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    Cannibas grower

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    I have bought a mars COB, good quality and it is no noise, because I grow in my bedroom, so no noise is very important for me. the price is also nice, I got a discount:bigjoint:
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    Did you know that Sriracha sauce is available with green, yellow and red caps?

    The green is the mild one...

    You have to go to a well stocked Asian grocery to find the yellow or red caps. Beware, a lil dab will do ya!

    Welcome to RIU!
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    ...mild sriracha? That's like decaf coffee or safety bullets!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Then go find some with a red cap.

    Just be sure your bathroom is well stocked with TP and reading material, lol

    You know those lil red peppers they put in Hunan style dishes at the Chinese restaurant? Do you eat them? I do. They're best when nicely roasted and filled with oil...

    Ginger, garlic and hot peppers; good for life, health and keeping your Yang up!
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