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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    I have been following The Joe Rogan Experience for years and it honestly has changed My perception.

    ~Through the interviews and interesting/unique people Joe brings in every episode; there always seems to be a magical, synchronistic experience. From bowhunting, to yoga, to community event get togethers.
    This show keeps YOU updated on what's going on in YOUR current world.

    This thread is dedicated for the discussion of the show, science, and the progression of society.
    [posted above is the most recent episode]

    ENJOY !!!!
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    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    I listen to almost every episode! Some interest me less than others of course, I guess it just depends what you are into. I feel like he sometimes panders to whatever person is on but understand he does this to keep things moving forward. Very smart guy, uses his brain instead of just knee jerk reactions. Calls it like it is whether it is left or right.
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    heckler73 Well-Known Member

    I've never really watched a full episode. I tried watching this one, but I had to take breaks from it and digest it in chunks. The conversation goes all over the place and seems to come back to Rogan as the topic.
    What's the bigger appeal for you enthusiasts of his work?

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    I think a lot of it is my love of ufc, hunting, plus he has a lot of really interesting people on. I rarely listen to more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Driving, while doing paperwork in the office.
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    heckler73 Well-Known Member

    That makes sense... I'm not a pugilism enthusiast anymore, nor do I hunt. So, when he starts going on about those topics, I start to tune out. However, he does have a relatively unique interviewing style that reminds me a lot of Art Bell, except he adds a little bit of troll to his technique :mrgreen:
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    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    Yeah and I start to tune out when he goes into science and technology lol. If you have seen the Netflix documentary Icarus about the Russian doping scandal he had the creator of it on last week or so, still haven't got through it and starting to get behind on them.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Tom from blink-182 goes deep into conspiracy theories on this one...
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    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    Joe used to question whether the moon landings were real (see youtube "Joe Rogan on Why he changed his stance on the Moon landing conspiracy" which he has discussed a lot in depth since), but it was literally The Joe Rogan Experience that opened up his mind :) (but why the same effect hasn't rubbed off on Eddie Bravo i have no idea haha, but he's fkn hilarious either way!)
    JRE has been a fascinating journey to experience as a listener!

    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    He caught a lot of heat over flat earth so he lets Eddie Bravo carry that torch now.

    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    great show we need more like it. open discussion, uncensored, friendly debating without people coming at their throats for having opinions that stray out into the not so normal. i love it
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