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    Who are these clowns? Just a bunch of dispensary associates?

    I've been waiting for Az patients to be exposed to real weed. Thought the HEERL Cup would be the answer.. Until i saw the winners.

    Dicot farms? Nature's Medicine? Are you fucking serious?

    I tried the award winning strain from Dicot. I tried 4 OGs from them. 50 an 8th,so it should at least be decent, right? Each one literally smells and tastes like lawn clippings infused with deodorant. Its completely fake OG. Loose larfy buds with round calyx and absolutely zero flavor other than the same literal DEODORANT. Like literally smoking deodorant. Its not a plant smell. Its not a weed smell. Every OG strain they grow: same deodorant smell. Completely unsmokable. I know 100% for certain it is not the plant I'm smelling/tasting.

    Same with Nature's Medicine. I walk in to 50 jars of larf. I check out the award winners. Baby popcorn crumbs. No distinct aroma. I got the buds home and can smell/taste nutes in every one. Most of them like a fake plastic bubblegum.

    Arizona.. You are smoking FAKE WEED. The weed technically is real but the aroma and flavor has nothing to do with weed.

    When I show people what dispensaries are selling, they don't believe me. If you're curious, check the attachment. This is a common 12 dollar gram from an AZ dispensary compared to a cheaper gram of street weed.

    Top strain: Check a dozen strains and this was the best one. Can't remember the name it claimed, but I remember the bud smelled of nothing but faint sugar water and tasted like unflushed GH or AN. Zero mono terps, zero authentic sesquiterps, only a fake sugar and plastic, from the nutes. Provided zero positive effects and gave me a sinus infection, ruined my voice, kept me from recording. Probably permanent vocal damage from trying to vape this shit. The shit will straight up give you smoker voice.

    Bottom strain: Blind purchase. Obviously GG like I was told, smallest bud in the bag was bigger than a gram. Smelled tasted and felt like GG. Sticky. Rubber. Flavor. Zero negative side effects. No idea how it was grown, no nute taste, no stagnant water taste, no airy sugar coated plant taste, only weed tastes. Missing its monoterps, hence the low price.

    I dont know how anyone smokes the fake/contaminated shit the dispos sell. I've been to 60 of them and can count the times I've actually smelled Marijuana on my fingers. These places sell buds by looks. And look what they are selling! How? Why does anyone buy that fake shit? Baby budlettes that smell like bottled product instead of bud: It's completely useless!

    Sunday Goods is another monopoly grower that people keep pushing into my sights as "quality. Well they supply half the state. Of course it's not quality. But i give them a try anyways. Some of their weed smells like weed, most of it smells like nutes or nothing. But all of it tastes like trash. Like plant matter dipped in stagnant water then infused with bitter lime rinds. Chicken noodle soup/turkey gravey. Every bud gives you garlic breath the next morning. Wtf is this shit? It tastes like compost inputs and food scraps.

    Ponderosa was another pimped outlet people for some reason believe is quality. The buds here looks perfect, small but not larf. But they smell like lawn clippings soaked in chocolate fish guts and infused with fake terps. Of course they had some unflushed bud too, talking about how "you can smell the Durban in this one" while it smells like nothing but nutes. I grabbed some top shelf "drops" from them and they were bone dry and uncurable. As in microwaved, with those nasty chocolate fish gut and infused aroma bullshit locked in. The buds were also absolutely loaded with silica, damn near broke my grinder.

    Arizona natives... There is something wrong with you. I can smell smells in your buildings that you cant. My entire family can when they visit. Your air conditioners smell like a cocktail of bacteria, even your soda fountains smell like feet. Phoenix, you have placebo brain, big time.

    And when it comes to weed, I keep hearing about terps but don't smell them. I keep smelling additives but not hearing about them. For fucks sake. Not a single grower can put a weed aroma in my grinder. Who are these places working for? Phillip-Morris? I'm sorry but since the day I put together my first vape, you cant pull this shit over on me. There is no OG that smells like deodorant and makes you run to the sink to spit with a cringed out face after every hit. No soil will cause that. Only additives.

    Dawg Cookies doesn't smell like topically applied cheese powder in the real world. But it did in the dispensary (very common aroma of dispensary bud, a total fake cheese smell!). Only additives and pesticides will cause a FAKE cheddar aroma. Again, I've been vaping weed a long time, since before you could buy a vape. I love cheese strains. This shit in dispensaries is not genetic cheese, its fucking infused with some bullshit growstore product, I would bet my life on it. I would bet my mother's life on it. It's unmistakable. The shit smells and tastes like cheesy powder poured in water, and buds dipped in that water, comes in large color matched batches from growers, regardless of the strains. Its obvious. I just don't know WHY.

    What's the fucking agenda you scumbags... Hiding pesticides/mold? That's not it or they'd just wash their little baby buds, right?

    Its the fake weed trials... Ramping up to synthetic Thc in a fucking perfume pen. I guarantee it. They make synthetic Cannabinoids down in Chandler. Az cardholders are Guinea pigs for corporate interests!

    Whatever the fuck you corporate pawns are doing in AZ, we are well aware of it. Despite what all your self-penned shill reviews say online. Your bud is not real Cannabis, it is wannabe weed!

    All in all I could overlook the bag appeal,being sold larf at full price, the high prices in general, the ignorance and the attitudes of corporate weed... If only the weed smelled, tasted and felt like weed. Even if it was mids. Its not even mids. Its not even reggie. The shit they sell in dispensaries can't even match the taste of average brick weed,and the high isn't as good either! Never in a million years could i have imagine somone would grow weed this bad, this contaminated, this bad tasting. My first grow in junior high was on another level than this shit. Every grow I've ever seen was on another level, another realm. I cant even recognize what dispensaries have on the shelf. You cant smell anything weed related.

    I can honestly, with my hand on the Bible say this type of nasty plastic factory weed doesn't exist anywhere but dispensaries. I've been everywhere, and weed has always tasted like weed of some sort (or hay if it was botched).. Until I walked into the dispensaries. Same strain names, and same prices. Nothin else is real! Perfumed microwaved premie hydro LARF!! These buds are what, 2 weeks old? That's Top Shelf at every AZ dispensary!!!!

    Fuck the Eerl Cup. Fuck anyone who associates with these monopolistic fake weed peddlers! Fuck EVERYONE associated with this bogus weed racket!

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    This isn't just Arizona my friend, although Arizona is one of the worst with quality meds because of the "25 mile" rule.

    Remember when you could grow AAA quality bud and get $3200+ for it? Gone are those days. There isn't a single dispensary in the country (that I know of) that pays more than $2400/lb. All of the people growing the true AAA bud have taken to the black market because they can still get what they're worth. It's like any other product, big business doesn't pay what the product is worth so the producers either take their product to a small business that will pay them right or simply give up.

    When mmj first started in California, there was plenty of quality bud out there. Then everyone and their mom started growing and it drove the prices way down. I've sold outdoor for $2000/lb only to see it on the menu for $50/8th the next day. This is what is happening. Dispensaries are buying the lowest quality product they can get away with, and charging the absolute most they can get away with. The result is poorly grown product selling for $45+/8th.

    This isn't just Arizona either, these "growers" have all sorts of ridiculous tactics they use and as you're pointing out, it's obvious how fake it is.

    I grow in Living Organic Soil, I'm not here to tell you I'm the best grower ever as I most certainly am not and have tons more to learn. That being said, it's been years since I've had anything put in my face that is better than what I'm growing.

    When I made the switch to true organic weed, I couldn't even believe how different everything about it was. Next to no coughing, no headaches, no dizziness, and that paranoia that comes from smoking sativas is more than likely the result of inhaling some sort of pesticide.

    That's my motive for being overly helpful when people want to try growing organic. If more people grew the quality product that I had, it would become standard. If quality organic weed becomes the new standard product, there will be no more demand for this "fake" weed or as my father in-law refers to it, "designer pot".

    Remember stress weed? When is the last time you saw that? Personally it's been well over 5 years since I've seen brick weed. Why? There's no more demand for it because there's much better product out there for the same price.

    As for product in Arizona, there's actually hope. They're attempting to make a new law that requires ALL product on a dispensaries shelf be tested for pesticides and mold. Without those test results it will be illegal to have it on your shelves. Once that becomes a law you're going to see a LOT of these growers going out of business because if they could grow without pesticides and mold they would. Some of these guys are literally spraying sugar water on their shit to make it look "dank".

    The only thing any of us can really do is live 25 miles away from a dispensary so we can grow our own, because you're totally right in everything you've said.

    Some food for thought, if you think the weed is bad just imagine the concentrates. Pesticides are bad enough on flowers, but when you run those same flowers in BHO/ISO the pesticides get more concentrates just like the flowers do.

    Sad state of affairs really :/

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