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what do you thinks best

  1. soil

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  2. hydro

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    zander19 Well-Known Member

    hey guy just thought i would start a wee grow off no prizes just bragging rights :) b4 we kick it off just post if you interested :)
    must start from seed/clone up to 2 week in veg

    com ends in 13 weeks

    good luck
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    lmoore2680 Well-Known Member

    I'm down to play
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    chewberto Well-Known Member

    Did I win?
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    lmoore2680 Well-Known Member

    No I win
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    ocdgrower420 Member

    should have added more selection. You forgot coco, because coco is not hydro or soil.
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    The_Oracle New Member

    There are many different mediums and grow styles. so by hydro are we talking deep water culture,Nutrient film technique, Dripfeed, flood and drain. Then there is as Ocdgrower states the types of medium soil,coco, clay pebbles. lets not forget airoponics and aquaponics (not the same as hydro as uses fish as a source of nutrients.) So what are we really talking here? best for what taste, speed, size of harvest, ease of grow or just preferred method. Some of these factors will also come down to where you live, weather and temps.
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    ocdgrower420 Member

    You are 100 percent right about there are many different factors that you have to keep in mind when you setup your grow. I learned this the hard way. I live in Colorado which is very dry which means that i have to run humidifiers to keep your humidity up. I have tried soil (fox farmer ocean forest), bubbletronics a type air and pump system, and i am currently using coco with perlite. The other factor is how will the grower pays attention to his plants and what they feed it with.
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    TwistItUp Well-Known Member

    So this end's next Sunday, October 19th? What do we have to provide for the grow off? Is how well the plant looks by the end date good enough (even if not the final results), or would someone need to provide a full grow log of the entire grow, and have the plant harvested by that date?
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    ocdgrower420 Member

    I will be finishing one of my plants Friday, and my second on the twenty-seventh. Will post some pictures of both of them. What do I have to do to win this?
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    Daggy Well-Known Member

    unfortunately this will prove nothing seeing if you grabed 10 clones and put them in the same exact condition there will be 1 that thrives more than the rest.
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    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    Is this still happening?
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    chewberto Well-Known Member

    No, I won!

    jamesroy990 New Member

    The Grow-Off, Show-Off is an annual contest projects working to raise their profile. So it's more beneficial.
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    strainbank Active Member

    when is the next one? id like to join and do this!
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    Flagg420 Well-Known Member

    Soil for so long, but... now that I have learned how to control res temps and Ph.... Hydro all the way...

    I still grow a dirt plant or two here n there, but find myself battling mites and getting half the yield (if) ......

    My simple bubble buckets keep spitting out trees with stalks nearly 2" wide at the base... I love having 1 plant in the space 4 used to be....
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    taGyo Well-Known Member

    Any tips for keeping res temp down? What do you flower under?
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    Cannabil Well-Known Member

    Keep the res outside your room in a room with an air conditioner. Or by a chiller. Or you can take 2 litre soda bottles and put water in them and freeze them and throw those in your reservoir to keep it nice and cool.
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    JimmyIndica Well-Known Member

    I'm in! MoxieSeeds LemonOg vegged 45 days,Topped/TiedDown, 5 gallon root pouch ,Coco/Perlite w/ Botanicare Expert coco feeding program.Started flower 7/31.
    Osram ZelionHL 3x2 LED Indoor Horticulture Fixture with 660Reds/451Blues
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    JimmyIndica Well-Known Member

    I see now that this thread is old ,but ? lets start it back up?
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    Milo 420

    Milo 420 Well-Known Member

    20150831_113524-1.jpg 2015-08-31 11.34.25.jpg 20150831_112852.jpg 20150831_112906.jpg 20150831_112915.jpg Here's my ak 47 xtrm vegged for 67 days using 4000 watt mh/hps combination bulbs with phantom 2 dimmable ballast grown in west coast horticulture soiless medium with west coast horticulture a and b nutes with booster and veganic special sauce micro nutrients they are on day 25 of flower. I'm down let's do the damn thing! Lol BTW (this is also my first grow! ) I'm trying to get a little recognition here at RIU! So anyways here's the pics
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