The Death Of Skyrim

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    Skyrim was out years ago ...just in time for me as I had just complete fallout 3 and all them mods

    I didn't install them Skyrim mods other than the viking boat and tall tower

    from SD.Lucky? at Nexus mods

    both made the game a little easier

    Then I waited and waited for Elder Scrolls Online took for ever

    they promised the fan base that we'd have an option to play single player

    and last minute changed their minds

    the fan base dissolved from about 20mil to less than 1 mil in 2 months

    and I've yet to meet any Skyrim player thats played Elder Scrolls Online


    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    They fucked up.

    Elder Scrolls Online was supposed to be simply a multiplayer version of Skyrim/Oblivion from the outset. The reason they changed their minds was they thought they could be another World of Warcraft with it.

    They thought wrong.
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