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Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Indacouch, Feb 7, 2018.


Favorite time to smoke

  1. Morning

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  2. Afternoon

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  3. Nighttime

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  4. Naked while yelling at strangers

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    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    well said, here here

    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    That's a pretty flower :weed:

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    thanks, apprecate that...let her go to clear/cloudy in the trichs, or as far as she would allow me....

    u would be surprised how she was grown? i'm rather unorthodox so to speak

    Bareback Well-Known Member

    True dat !!!

    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    I like you @Indacouch :clap: the purpose of this forum is in the name, and we can all come together talking about some dank bud and get along :peace:
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    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    Yeah? Do tell
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    I love how the colors change after bud is dried and cured for a bit ....I have some pics il share from when I chopped..... to 6 months of cure ....the color change is crazy
    So that's my OG at harvest
    Around 6 months in cure....same exact batch of OG seen above

    What strain is that you shared?

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    i use cfl and led bulbs. I make my own soil. I don't use any nutes, just what i put into the soil. Water is standard tap water.....

    don't get me wrong, i've been looking for upgrade for the next season, or just maybe even start a nute regement and keep the system i'm using.........

    thats some beautiful stuff right there, props to ya

    that's another thing, i just use a Bag O Seeds that i've kept for years, since my grow season is more autumn to spring indoors, i can only run 3 to 4 plants. i can run more but they have to be outside which is not a problem for me, just don't like prying eyes lets say. Friends always give me nugs or bags of smoke...i grab the seeds and add them to my bag for later self suficient you can say.....heck i just got my electric bill...$160...

    genetix is hard to get where i'm at, just fyi

    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! This grow I have going right now is the first I've ever spent upwards of a couple hundred on and my first grow with good genetics from a trusted source. I'm hoping to get a perpetual harvest going with it. I have one of each strain in flowering and one of each vegging out to be moms (Pineapple chunk and Black Eyed Katy). I have one little cfl in there with my LED's to give some light under the main canopy. But mad props man for bagseed and keeping it simple you're rocking it my man :bigjoint:
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Off to my mother in laws to drop off lil Inda to spend the night ..... I'm wondering how the first toke session in 30 years went for the wife's step's Friday and I'm off work

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!
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    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    i'm fixen to be got about 30min...till:weed::bigjoint:
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    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    Aren't those quiet nights the best? My wife has been taking this advanced EMT course about an hour away and we were staying with family, ended up having a falling out with the person we were staying with, so me and my son had to pack it back home while she stays with some friends. It's been hard pulling 24/7 daddy duty but we both love the sound of a night at grandma's house :D

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    We still have our 1yr old at home with us ...and he's a handful for sure. Last time me and my wife had a quiet night together .....I got her pregnant......:shock:
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    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    Ohh 1 year old huh? Yessir these first couple years are a pretty crazy ride. My son is 2 and has started forcing himself to stay awake through nap time and just making the afternoon a very emotional time if we don't keep running in circles. But we recently started watching a show 'Miles from tomorrowland' and wow if you guys have time I would love to talk you guys through some plot holes that just eat me away inside :wall: lol.
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    20171219_231841 (1).jpg

    Puffing on a RAW cone stuffed with this as I type. Hoping I can finish the whole thing and get at least a solid 4 hour block of restful sleep.
    Months and months of sleep dep. has me all fucked up. Liquor works well but not really.
    Sorry to such a downer. These long nights are wearing me down.

    I wish we lived closer @curious2garden. I'd have ya rollin em one handed on your thigh in no time :hug:

    And before y'all go "there" I'm talking about a joint ;) :P

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Passion fruit?
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    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    What strain is that? It's gorgeous. I was in bed asleep by this time last night LOL. I just died. Have you tried running? Running really helps with sleep. Alcohol does interfere with the sleep cycle :/ sad huh. Some day we'll have to meet.
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    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    ok if you say

    those nugs are beautiful

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    WP_20180209_003[1].jpg WP_20180207_011[1].jpg

    yep, last night i was i like to call comfortable numb, sat back with the "doors, and janice joplin" and i was a happy man
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    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    thanks man, appreaciate that.....i know the way i grow is a little unorthodox but i've been doing it a long time. Compared to the growers and the grows i've seen on this site, i'm just a small fish in a big pond so to speak....

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