The "D" day pool, best guess as to when Trump is out

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    Apparently he has an instinct for survival and is getting out before he has to follow Nunes to jail. Trey is bailing out for a reason, so are lot's of others.
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    trey gowdy is running for cover

    and GOP is destined for ASS Fucking !!!!!!!

    btw, does anyone notice the irony of the closeted homo's in rural america?

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    The Washington Post
    Trump’s latest stunt is aboutto blow up in his face

    It is still very possible that President Trump could use the Nunes memo as a pretext to try
    to quash or constrain special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe. Trump tweeted over
    the weekend that the memo “totally vindicates” his claim that the investigation is a “witch
    hunt,” which is an absurd lie in every possible respect, but it shows he’s still mulling a
    move on Mueller.
    But the performance of congressional Republicans on the Sunday shows — and a
    weekend’s worth of legal analysis taking apart the Nunes effort — together suggest
    another possibility. The Nunes memo affair may be shaping up as a much bigger fiasco
    than we even know — so bad, in fact, that it could ultimately undermine Trump’s position
    even more dramatically than we could have expected.
    Today Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee will push for a vote to release
    Rep. Adam Schiff’s rebuttal to the Nunes memo. We now know enough to speculate that
    the Schiff rebuttal — which wouldn’t exist in the first place if Nunes hadn’t embarked on
    this charade with the White House’s blessing — may actually give us new information
    about the genesis of the Russia probe that only further underscores its legitimacy.
    A key conclusion about the Nunes memo reached by legal analysts is that the memo
    actually confirmed that the FBI’s investigation was launched in July 2016, well in
    advance of the awarding in October 2016 of a warrant to conduct surveillance on former
    Trump adviser Carter Page due to his suspected links to Russia, based to an
    indeterminate extent on Democratic-funded research in the “Steele dossier.” The Nunes
    memo vaguely notes that information gathered on Trump adviser George Papadopoulos
    is what triggered the FBI inquiry. Papadopoulos revealed in his plea that he had learned
    of “dirt” collected on Hillary Clinton by the Russians.
    What’s more, the Nunes memo notes that surveillance warrants were subsequently
    granted numerous times. As Paul Rosenzweig, a former Whitewater investigator, points
    out, these could only have been granted if new evidence had demonstrated sufficient
    grounds for suspicion of Page, meaning “independent reviews” by “separate judges”
    actually “validated the FBI’s investigation.”
    If Schiff’s rebuttal is released, it is likely to add detail, where possible, filling in this
    picture of the genesis of the probe. The New York Times reports that the rebuttal will
    supply “crucial context” to the FBI’s case for getting the warrant.
    Indeed, Rep. Jim Himes (Conn.), the No. 2 Democrat on the House Intelligence
    Committee, hinted at this when he told CNN that the Democratic rebuttal will show that
    “it is not true” that the warrant “was awarded solely on the basis of the Steele dossier.” In
    other words, the Schiff memo will likely detail, to the degree that it can, the actual
    reasons the warrant was granted — and why subsequent warrants were as well.
    Yes, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee could still vote against releasing
    the Schiff rebuttal. Trump himself signaled opposition to its release moments ago:
    But on the Sunday shows, multiple Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee
    firmly stated that the Nunes memo should not be used to cast doubt on the integrity of
    the Mueller probe. This is disingenuous, in that they voted to release the Nunes memo
    while knowing Trump wants to use it to target Mueller. Still, this signals that some
    leading congressional Republicans are now reluctant to be associated with Trump’s
    efforts to undermine his probe. Trump just raised the stakes, in effect directly associating
    his seeming opposition to releasing the rebuttal with his own efforts to obstruct the
    Yes, Trump himself could block the release of the Schiff rebuttal. But the White House
    itself called for release of the Nunes memo on grounds of “transparency,” and House
    Speaker Paul Ryan has come out for releasing Schiff’s rebuttal. If Republicans now give
    cover to Trump thwarting its release, they will be even more overtly associated with his
    efforts to block the truth from coming out than before. Perhaps their bad faith is
    bottomless enough to permit them go here, but the glaring thinness of the Nunes memo
    may make it politically more risky.
    In the end, Trump could still use the Nunes memo to hamstring Mueller by firing Deputy
    Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and replacing him with a loyalist to oversee the probe.
    But this would now have to happen either after the Schiff rebuttal served to reinforce the
    investigation’s legitimacy, or after Trump suppressed the Schiff rebuttal even though it
    could further undermine his own rationale for taking such a dramatic step. Trump is
    shameless enough to do this in either scenario. But it could now be harder for
    congressional Republicans to go along with it. This would not be the case if not for
    Nunes’s antics — which Trump backed.
    * JEFF SESSIONS GOES QUIET: The New York Times reports on an important
    point: Amid Trump’s constant attacks on the Justice Department, Attorney General Jeff
    Sessions isn’t saying much to defend the department:
    Current and former prosecutors say Mr. Sessions’s tepid response reflects
    efforts to appease Mr. Trump, even at the expense of morale among the
    department’s employees, and has raised fears that prosecutors cannot
    depend on protection from political interference. … Two current federal
    prosecutors who spoke on the condition of anonymity said they were
    working hard to maintain morale.
    The Times reports that Sessions is constrained from defending the Justice Department
    because Trump has berated him for failing to defend him from the Mueller probe.
    Trump’s attacks on Sessions are working.
    reports that the latest fundraising numbers show it may be “panic time” for House
    More than 40 House Republican incumbents were outraised in the final
    quarter of 2017 by one — or several — of their Democratic opponents … The
    trendline is getting worse, not better. Despite the myriad advantages of
    incumbency and control of Congress, there are more House members with
    less cash on hand than their Democratic challengers than the quarter
    This is a good indicator of the energy on the Democratic side, and Trump’s antics aren’t
    stopping anytime soon, which could help maintain that energy (and fundraising edge).
    * DEMOCRATS HOPE TO USE MEMO IN MIDTERMS: Bloomberg reports that
    Democrats are prepared to use the Nunes memo against Republicans in the midterms, by
    citing it as evidence of a GOP effort to protect Trump from accountability. Democrats are
    circulating talking points saying Republicans are “now part and parcel” of “an organized
    effort to obstruct” the Mueller probe.
    This has the virtue of being true: Republicans backed #ReleaseTheMemo in the full
    knowledge that Trump expressly intended to use the memo to, at best, cast doubt on the
    investigation or, at worst, as pretext to constrain it.

    * DEMOCRATS WARN TRUMP ON NORTH KOREA: The Post reports that 18
    Democratic senators will send a letter to Trump warning against the much-discussed
    possibility of a “bloody nose” quick preemptive strike on North Korea:
    The 18 senators … emphasized that it is an “enormous gamble” to believe
    that such an action, even if it were modest in scope, would not provoke an
    escalation from dictator Kim Jong Un. “Moreover, without congressional
    authority, a preventative or preemptive U.S. military strike would lack
    either a constitutional basis or legal authority,” the senators wrote in the
    It will be interesting to see which congressional Republicans are willing to step up and
    assert this authority for themselves.

    * AND PAUL RYAN IS COMPLICIT: E.J. Dionne Jr. skewers Paul Ryan’s laughable
    claim that release of the Nunes memo “does not impugn” the Mueller investigation,
    noting that Trump himself has confirmed his own intention to use it to undermine the
    Ryan and other Republicans claiming that putting out this memo would not
    serve to undermine the investigation are either fooling themselves — or us.
    Autocrats don’t prevail unless they have allies to give them cover. Thanks to
    House Republicans, our country has taken another step toward the chaos
    that autocrats thrive on.
    Indeed. If Trump does end up using the Nunes memo as even partial justification for
    quashing or constraining the Mueller probe, Republicans who knew perfectly well that
    this was the intention are complicit.

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    I think we're starting to see the GOP fold, the number of republican committee chairs and incumbents "retiring this year speaks volumes. Already there are more than enough retiring GOP house members to impeach Trump, and once it hits the senate, Trump is done. Mueller gets to make an overwhelming case before the senate and nation, you will all see it unfold and will make your own judgements, the senate will be mindful of this and the evidence, when they vote to convict.

    Trey Gowdy is a former prosecutor and can read the tea leaves better than most, he knows that Mueller owns another former prosecutor, AG Jeff Sessions for perjury. Sessions will fall on his sword for the justice department, or Mueller will send him to jail, he will also testify against Trump in the coming senate impeachment trial. Trey Gowdy knows the law and investigations, he knows that from here on out there is a future danger of going to jail. I think he is voting with his feet, just like all the other GOP members of the house and senate. The election is only 8 months away and a change of the house and senate, 8 months is nothing in the legal world, Mueller or other investigators will assemble an even stronger case. The FBI and lifers in the justice department will also be cut lose to go after Trump's collaborators in obstruction of justice.

    Normally politicians in America are not jailed for political antics, but that was before Trump, treason and the GOP losing it's fucking mind!
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    greg nr

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    Unfortunately Gowdy is in a district so red, he will certainly be replaced by a rabid right winger. He certainly would have won re-election. He decided to leave for other reasons.

    The gop is far from folding. That is defeatest - because if you think we can coast to wins in November you are a fool, and it doesn't sound like Mrs. DIY did that. ;)

    Always assume that even one day off could cost us the election. Eyes front. Hands out of your pants. ;)
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    Ya gotta keep yer chin up and eyes open as well as yer hands off yer pecker. They ain't a run'n fur a reason.:lol: I can see the cracks forming in the GOP wall.

    But yer right, there's a battle to be fought, Donald is gonna fight to the last drop of someone else's blood.

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    I also have more confidence in Trump than you, I'm certain he will fuck this up, he got to this point all on his own. Anybody with a brain and the kind of GOP support he has, would have got away clean, even with their head shoved halfway up Putin's ass.

    Lots of people thought Hitler was a joke too, until they were inside a concentration camp. Before WWII, Canada's prime Minister MacKenzie King said of Hitler, " A harmless peasant", I think he might have understated things a bit.
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    Nance: President Trump’s FBI And DOJ Attacks “From The Dictator’s Playbook”

    Former CIA Director John Brennan warns about President Trump's repeated attacks on the FBI. Stephanie Ruhle breaks down some of the president’s attacks on his own FBI and DOJ. Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree and MSNBC Terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance.
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    Trump Touted The Economy As The Stock Market Plunged

    Many networks switched from a live feed of President Trump's speech in Cincinnati about tax cuts and the economy to coverage of the plummeting U.S. stock market.

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    It looks like Trump is too stupid to talk to Mueller, or so those around him think. An honest man would have talked to Comey a long time ago and would be moving the whole russia investigation forward, instead we have lies, obstruction, threats and bullshit. Perhaps they will delay this interview for months or Mueller might cut to the chase and subpoena him before a grand jury. In the meantime the heat is gonna be cranked up on Trump and those around him, they might force him to pardon, or throw some minor figures like Hope Hicks and a few others under the bus. Mueller will hold off on charging family members because Trump will Pardon them, but he will if he has to. Whoever tries to stop him from putting the works of these clowns in the slammer, will surely regret it. If the FBI believes there is Russian money or treason in the GOP, they won't rest until they find out everything. Motivation won't be a problem, restraint might be though.
    greg nr

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    Well, there is another possibility.

    He might not interview trump at all.

    Really, he doesn't need it. The evidence he has is very strong. While it would be nice to have trump lying on video, it isn't necessary and his supporters wouldn't believe it anyway.

    What muehler needs the most is time, and to keep rosenstein in place. In addition to controlling the scope of the investigation, and approving any indictments, rosenstein also has the power to seal or release any final report. Under the SC rules, rosenstein has to approve any release of information.

    If whoever is in that chair says no, we will NEVER find out what is in it, no matter how damming it is.

    So this is kind of like the death star rounding the planet to shoot at the moon. It doesn't matter how powerful the gun is if it never gets to fire.
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    As part of the discussion about Donald Trump's lack of fitness for the presidency, some have argued that his linguistic capacities have worsened, suggesting significant cognitive decline.

    In interviews in the 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Trump speaks in complete sentences, using mature vocabulary and expressions. There aren’t the endless digressions that make his current mode of expression a kind of vocal fantasia. America has certainly never experienced a commander in chief who expressed himself in this fashion. In public, at least.

    [​IMG]The difference between the younger man talking in sentences and the older one talking in vocal ejaculations is evidence not of decline but authenticity – he has settled into his normal. Late in life an artless man has learned that he could leave his linguistic fly unzipped and life would go on. It may not be pretty, but it isn't a sign that his pants are going to fall down.

    It's a sign that he's comfortable performing the role of POTUS with his pants down. The vast majority of Americans dont approve
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    It says a lot that Trump can't stand a half hour of being under oath and telling the truth. Everybody knows (except him) that he's in way over his head, time to publicly call him stupid and gutless. I figure if ya can use his own ego against him and goad him into it, he's as good as in the bag. Nobody would bet on Donald to tell the truth and not perjure himself, have a look at the odds the professional bookies are offering...
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    I agree, he has overwhelming evidence and it might just be a ploy to keep Trump occupied and distracted, a way of taking the heat off Rosenstein until they are ready to spring a report on congress and then it would leak to the public. They are gonna dangle something shiny in front of him to get his attention and they got lots, including those who are gonna sing for Mueller. There are lots of leaks, trials, news releases and great investigative journalism to come, none of it will be good for Trump or the GOP.

    I see heat is finally focusing where it belongs on Paul Ryan, Trump's chief enabler and defender. He is getting quite a bit of attention and criticism lately, he's holding nunes's chain and is responsible for his actions. I dunno if he's gonna run again, if he does, he might have a problem in november and so will lot's of other republicans. The stink is getting stronger and will stick to the GOP for a long time, all the people with brains and honor left the party, we see them on TV shitting on Trump and the GOP. The GOP has filled itself with racist, losers and fools, the military, security and law enforcement communities are falling away as have the intellectuals, it's increasingly run by grifters. The kinds of candidates and policies the republican base will throw up in the next election cycle primaries will finish them as a national party. Every GOP primary candidate will be a certified fucking loonie within a couple of election cycles, the base will spiral down!

    The independents are gonna write the fuckers off in most places after this fiasco. I figure Paul and Mitch might have a "Come to Jesus moment" before summer, no fucking way they want to go into the election with this shit flying around. Who knows, maybe the rats will make history and go down with the ship, but I'll bet a few will jump.

    Like I said before, the next elected GOP president will probably be a black person of indeterminate gender, they'll be living on fucking mars by then!
    Sour Wreck

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    whashington post has a new article out tonight claiming cheeto jesus wants a military parade.

    this stupid motherfucker is trying to make us look 3rd world. next thing you know he will want a military uniform to wear.
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    Where else would he put his purple heart and all of that gold braid?

    DIY-HP-LED Well-Known Member

    Yep, Trump would look like Hermann Goering all decked out in a custom uniform, he could even wear the purple heart that vet gave him. Perhaps Putin will give him a medal for services rendered to the russian federation and he can wear that too.

    Can they gold plate Kevlar helmets?
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    greg nr

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    Chris hayes postulated last night that he would run, but resign shortly after the new term starts. He has to, after asking his members to put their elections at risk by voting for unpopular provisions.

    He has a pretty colorful opponent. The "iron stash". So maybe he won't make it; but he will try.
    Sour Wreck

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    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    Does the CiC get a military uniform? I've seen generals elected as President wear their dress uniform at times but I don't think I've ever seen a President go "Full Col. Ghadaffi" before.
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