The Curious Misadventures of Gorilla Bubble4

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    I got a wonderful package in the mail from our friends at Great Lakes Genetics. It was filled with much goodness, great seeds some ordered but most free, lots of stickers, a coupon for more seeds, a t shirt, and even a golden ticket. Great stuff.
    The part of the package that this is about is the main point of the order, to get the legendary Gorilla Bubble. We have all seem the reports and know what can be done with this strain.
    Lets see what she does for us.

    Day 1 - yesterday soaked 11 nice looking beans in a mild super thrive solution and tap water. About 6 hours in some of the beans about 5 of them have already sunk. About 10 hours in 7 have sunk.

    Day 2 - all of the beans minus one had sunk other then one which went down with a poke from the tweezers. I use tweezers because I have heard that finger grease is a no no. I don't know if this is true or not, I don't deal with seeds very often and if I do I have paid good money for them and won't take the risk.

    I have transferred the sunk beans from the Super Thrive to wet tissue under a cup, 5 beans have popped already. I will wait for a tap root before planting.
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Late Day 2 - 5 beans have cracked

    A new day and not much changed

    Day 3 - 6 beans have cracked and are showing tap roots, so 6 seeds are now in new dirt with a bit of mild fert.
    5 of the beans are still dormant.
    Early days fast and furious!
    It is really funny how excited I am to see what these become , but the wait is going to be so long before I see the flowers of my labors, ah seeds, good times

    *adding late day 3 - 10 beans popped and planted one to go!
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Day 4 - all 11 seeds have cracked, tapped and have been planted with mild fert.
    Plant number 5 is the first to breech the surface. Tiny little thing! It is so cute. Hope it lives.
    I am keeping the soil misted with .1 ec water and have put them all under a dome .
    A bit about the conditions the room is high 70's temp and high 70's RH. They are sharing the room with my vegging Hempstars. The seeds under the dome should go up to 90% RH, I am doing this for soil moisture more then the seeds themselves. The lights are CXB 3590-3000K BD 90cri's about 3 and a bit feet away at full power. 18 hour day and 6 hour night. The Cob's are supplemented with one 10w 730 nm far red light that is only on during the day to possibly encourage the Emerson effect.

    End of day 5 -Plants 5 ,1 ,3 are all doing the loch ness
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    AlaskaBigMike420 Well-Known Member

    Keep up the good work bro I'm just starting
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    More boring updates, since I have been convinced to raise my Flower room temp my veg room has warmed, since it is cooled parasitically from the flower room. I now got 88 F and an rh of 80%, I continue to have over 1500ppm CO2

    Day 6 all plants are sprouted

    day 7 all plants are showing first set of real leaves, (so cute)
    Still misting the soil 2 times a day maybe 15 grams of water 5 sprays RO water

    Interesting to look at the size of the seed casing and compare to how much this tiny little seed has grown in one week, It is at least 30 times too big for the shell now.
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    Growdict Well-Known Member

    If your rh is 80 you dont need a dome. It could dampen off and kill em.
    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    You are correct . I did pull the dome pretty quick after putting it on.
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Day 8- second set of true leaves showing. 4 are more stretched out then I would like, my money on on them being the males, one is starting to gap the first set of leaves from the false leaves
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    KeizerSoze Well-Known Member

    Love the title of the tread... Made me want to put it on my watch list
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    ThanksBro, I too am looking forward to when they start getting interesting
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Day 12- Third set of leaves just showing on most. 2 plants are stretched more then I would like one of them requires a little help to keep it straight. This is what happens when you don't have a dedicated room for seedlings I guess. I know temp is too high for seeds but short of building a an extension in my house, I am stuck with what I got. I am certain we will get past this. Its not like I grow seeds that often, also these tall ones almost always turn out to be male as far as I remember. They all look happy and healthy other then a little stretch . Even the false leaves are still looking vibrant and this is all 11/11 of them!
    This is going to take forever, the HempStar clones I cut on what was day 1 or 2 have rooted and have been planted in 1 G pots over the last 4 days and are looking fantastic. In fact all my Hempstar is looking fantastic again other then the stuff I will be taking down in 2 weeks , that is the last of the shit I fuck up when I did my swap to LEDs from DE HPS's. Since bumping my flower room up to 90 F and passively bumping my veg to 88F after one or 2 cranky leaves per plant everything seems to be pretty happy with the new temps
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Moving right along, Day 24 . My 11 Gorilla bubble babies are still int their cups for a couple more day till the stem from the ground to the false leaves bulks up. All have bulking stems above the false leaves. All plants are between 6 and 8 inches tall and have 6 sets of leaves showing. they seems pretty happy , I do think the leaves are on the small side but they all have great color. 9 of 11 plants have had their false leaves turn yellow or dry right up , only 2 still have happy falsies.

    I examined the roots of one of the plants , to see what was what, the roots though not thick were thin white and a a little fuzzy, good enough I guess, and 2 days later the plant is none the worse for ware. Sometimes you need to risk breaking an egg to make an omelet, (ok that is dumb, but you get the point)

    In other news, I introduced micro clover as a top dressing to some brand new Hempstar clones today, looking forward to the wonders that are companion plant gardening. They have been sprouted about 5 days or so and are about half to a full inch above the dirt. Rizo has been added to the seeds before spouting so I should get some bonus N nodules.
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    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Day 27- Last night I replanted all the seedlings into 1 gallon pots,they have all responded well this morning. The roots were throughout but thinner then I would like minus the water roots that were beginning to bind around the bottom of the cups but were quite bulky. The color was mostly good pure white minus some yellow tint on some of the water roots, not perfect but what you gunna do eh?. All the seed stems before the false leaves have bulked up to the same size as the rest of the stems, they have not wooded up at all yet. I was rewarded with all seeds showing their first signs of side growth on all growth nodes at once.
    Again plants have great color but the leaves are still small. Seven sets of leaves on each
    One interesting feature is that the individual leaves overlap because of the width of each leaf blade.

    Happy and healthy and ready to take a big growth spurt.
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    noobzilla Active Member

    Watching. Love the details!!
    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Day 36- We have had a nice spurt. The leaves finally are big and normal looking, some are still doing the blade cross over thing and some have grown out of it. One plant is 14 inches tall the rest are 8.5 to 10 inches. Everything is very consistent other than these 2 differences. Here is a selection of pic's , nothing special yet.

    I am about to take a clone from the top of each and root them in the flower room to see what I got.

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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and have come back to a great job done by my helper. The 11 plants from seed are happy and healthy and ready to give up another 4 clones each. My attempt to clone and sex the first top cuts and do both at the same time didn't work out. only a couple have rooted and no sexy sexy yet. I attribute this to the cold nights in the flower room, and possibly the chilled floor.Only some smart thinking on the behalf of my helper saved them at all. now they are just shitty clones in the back of the clone area. However the proper attempt at cutting 4 clones per mom plant has been successful and pretty much all of them have rooted.

    So the mystery of the sex of the plants is still an ongoing concern, so I figure I will plant 4 plants per 4 gallon pot , put them right into flower and take up 3 grow spots with these plants to see what I got, this will be one of each parent. Then I will know what do do on my next clone cutting window in 2 weeks.

    About the OG plants ( the plants from seed), not much to say yet they are............ 2 months and a day old and haven't shown sex on their own in veg, and the poor things really want out of the one gallons.

    I guess the last thing to say is that when taking cuttings from all GB4 plants all of the cuts are really robust and hold up to abuse, keep their green really well even after 2 weeks of shit and abuse.

    When you actually take good care of them when cloning they clone really quick like under 10 days they had over 5 roots showing in a peat puck.
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    good stuff.
    i got some gb & ruby reds just started.bongsmilie
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    Nothing interesting but clone cutting and attempt number 2 at sexing, this time I start with roots. These are 2 weeks from cut clones , one from each phenotype. Some of these are really sinky other less so. Number 4 is a real stinker.
    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    On a side note I am now a worm wrangler. HE HAH. 48 red wigglers in my herd, I have instantly grown an attachment with one of them. I call him Harold 20170728_133244.jpg 20170728_133311.jpg 20170728_133332.jpg 20170728_133356_002.jpg
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