The Big 18 Wheezers' 2012 Organic outdoor.


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002.jpg003.jpg006.jpg010.jpg011.jpg014.jpg016.jpg017.jpgOK boys and girls, it's time to get strarted again. This year I'll be growing only in this one spot, right in my backyard. I did the "The little 12" here last year, but I had just moved here at the beginning of the grow season, and had already set-up my 6 big ones someplace else.So the little 12 I did here last year were started late, and I had problems with my soil, and had to re-start again even later. This year I'm able to set-up early, and have things right. I'm doing the 12 plants in the same spot, in the same smart pots. I plant in these little 15 gallon ones, with the bottom cut out and a nice big hole under them with my soil mix in it, so basically, it's like they're plated in the ground, but with a small raised bed. They love it! On the other side, where my SSH was last year, I cleared those trees back some so I could get sun in there all day, and have room for another6 there. The 6 going in on that side will be going in 65 gallon smart pots with holes cut in the botoms, and good soil un der them too.That spot gets a full 13 hors of direct,unbroken sun light, which I have never had before, so expect great things from those 6.
I'm going to pick up my pallet of Manna Mix, so Im can start mixing the rest of my soil. I'll do a break-down on my mix, as it has changed slightly. My strain list for outside is not set completely yet, but I know my Romulan of course,Orange Rom and my new cross Vulcan( Romulan x Vortex) are ging in. I'm also for sure gonna do a Blueberry Headband from Emerald Traingle Seeds, I have a Cheesedog, Maple Leaf Indica x Chem Valley Kush, Chocolope, Orange Tahoe, and Alaskan Thunderfuck that are all going in for sure, and alot of others to choose from for the rest. I'm sure some of this batch of TGA gear will make it in too.
The fencing is all new this year, I just thought I'd be better off isf my garden was completely out of sight, and it is now sooooooo I'm ready to get this party started!!!


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004.jpg005.jpg006.jpg007.jpg008.jpg009.jpg011.jpg012.jpgHere's the first look at a few of the plants that are going in. It's Chocolope, Cheesedog, Orange Tahoe, Orange Romulan, Alaskan Thunderfuck, Maple Leaf Indica, some smaller mixed Rommy, and Orange Rom, and the last one, the big tall one, is Rommy Mommy of course!

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very very nice my man! that last momma already has a hardy stock on her, lookin forward to seeing the grow what soil mix our u gona use this year? this is one of my seeds i got outside right now unknown seed 420.jpg

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its looking good Wheez! Im defiantly going to be subbed to this one, good luck this grow!
(not that you need any luck) haha


Subbed, that Vulcan you got sounds like its gonna be dank man, I remember from one of your past threads you showed some finished agent orangeXromulan that looked killer, fence is legit. TGA crosses always peak my interest.


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very very nice my man! that last momma already has a hardy stock on her, lookin forward to seeing the grow what soil mix our u gona use this year? this is one of my seeds i got outside right now View attachment 2149721
I knew someone was goona ask that....I just got the stuff today, and mixed the first batsch up. I'll do a full list of it and the exact amounts tomorrow.


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OK, I'm gonna try to give you the mix break-down I'm currently running.
My base mix is simply the amount I use because it fits on my concrete pad, with room to stir.
The base mix is 2 bags (1.5 cu .ft. ea.) of Manna Mix. which is a coco based mixed from Vital Earth, and 1 bale (3.8 cu.ft. ea.) of Pro-Mix
Then I add half a bale of compost.
10-15 lbs Chicken Manure compost
25 lbs. Worm castings
10 gallons of Alaskan Humus
5 gallons of vermiculite
1 cup dolomite
4 cups Cal-Phos 0-3-0
2 cups Kelp meal
4 cups Dr. Earths Organic 8 4-10-7
3 cups Fish Bone meal 3-13-0
2 cups Bat Guano 0-12-0
2 cups Azomite
4 cups Green Sand 0-0-3

I think that's it, if I remember anything else, I'll add it in later, but I think that's it.