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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    I paid $215 USD incl shipping to canada and tax for 4, citizen clu048 1212, 3500k 37v 80CRI with a 240 1400a 250w meanwell driver, 4 predrilled passive heatsinks, 4 thermal pads, 4, angelina style reflective lenses and dimming switch (even though i dont need it with the driver i have) from kingbrite.

    My lights pull 200w currently, but i will be looking into a combination of series and parallel wiring up another 50w of lm561c strips on this driver

    made my own frame and im good to start on my first grow.

    Edit: I think you could get 4 vero 29 and run them at 100w each with a different driver and heatsinks for probably $250-300 (same place) and cram 400w out of it if you can DIY.
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    cannetix Inc

    cannetix Inc Well-Known Member

    If you ignore the crappy software, the "Teslong" USB Endoscope available on Amazon here is actually surprisingly good for the price.

    Luckily, it can be used with virtually any IP or Webcam software on Linux, windows, android, apple etc.

    I've yet to find anything better when it comes to inspecting your buds pre-harvest, and its just a joy to fool around with.

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    Shawndeadhead Well-Known Member

    IMG_20171102_000241.jpg Honestly I would highly recommend building your own COB led light, use quality components you will save money, and get great results.
    Those lights you listed though yes they work, they could be much much better the mark up on commercial Led's is insane, either you buy cheap stuff that doesn't work well but does the job, be prepared for burnt out Leds and weak power supplies that could leave your grow in the dark. Check out my posts a little further up, those plants were done with 500w of COB led that I built for around $550, and I'm pulling just over 2 lb per 4x4 I run. Though that isn't all lights, that's environment, that's having my nutrients dialed in (nectar for god's) DIY co2 system, ect.....
    For comparison though I used to run 1000w hps per 4x4 and would and would come in at around 1.5 lb. So high quality led has added another 9-10 ozs and lowered my electricity consumption maybe 65%. Same space half the watts on the lights, plus I don't have to run my AC as hard during warm months, and I've been able to dial back my exhaust and intake fans to maintain my ideal temp and humidity, those 3 have to add up to another 15% reduction past the huge savings on the lights

    Shawndeadhead Well-Known Member

    Awesome thank you I hate my hand held eye gouger lol
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    Greenthumbskunk Well-Known Member

    Any videos on step by step on what to buy and how to build these kits?
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    Shawndeadhead Well-Known Member

    I pieced mine together from Future Electronics website mostly.
    As far as instructions check out Growmau5 channel he's very well known on roll it up also. If you are just learning about building lights stick with his early videos they cover everything you could imagine and then some. His later lights he built and gave tutorials on could be used to launch a god damn rocket into space so don't get scared off jumping into those
    I'm so happy someone turned me onto his videos little over year and a half ago and I'm killing 2+lb runs on 500w in flower.
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    4.20pm Member

    Anyone got any links for quality and cheap lights that ship to new zealand!?

    Greenthumbs256 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a NEW 1000W HPS Eye hortilux bulb! Not worried about the price just want a guaranteed good product, any where you guys would suggest?

    drspastic Member

    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    I dunno whats up with my timber cree cob but it stinks. But i came here to mention some cheap lec's right now on google search. 630 air cooled for 340 shipped. And 315 air cooled for about 250 after shipping. Im not mentioning the sites because I havent purchased from them but you can use google. one of them seems a pricing error.
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    RainDan Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Hi @cookie master

    I came across your post and wanted to offer my assistance - I do not believe you have, but if you contact us we can assist you with whatever issues you might be experiencing.

    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    The light seems to function, I just cant grow shit with it. The cheap lec are not real, the company has a bad rep and I ordered it last night and the order was cancelled.

    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    Might help if the description was more professional with professional specs. Right now it looks like a junior high kid wrote it all out in one shot, put that along with the Very DIY pics and you know...

    420Barista Well-Known Member

    ... and drspastic as his seller name does not quite inspire confidence dr"spastic"

    and the spectrum is a blurple if your into that sort of thing.
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    drspastic Member

    cheers for the feedback, i will try and edit the text a bit and get better photos up. also had suggestions of putting diagrams of how to rig the cooling system as it seems to confuse a lot of people.

    drspastic Member

    drspastic has been my internet handle since the internet began due to my postgraduate useless paper and i was in a wheelchair at the time. i do run a real company doing other stuff but i am keeping the lights as a hobby job and dont want to associate the two.
    blurple is my preferred thing for bang/buck and my spectrometer agrees. i have made quite a few for people who wanted a few whites thrown in which aint a bad idea. all white still works and a run two myself in the seeding cupboard. for the same power input the buds are bigger on blurple but thats for another thread.
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    Jonathan Beatty

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    Thank for the shares,really help me ,especially when the funds are limited.Do you guys like the mars hydro led lights? the coupon code "jennifer" can be used to get the discount on their website.It is still valid now, try it if you need:weed:

    Fayzz399 Member

    TBH,I'd like to recommend Mars Hydro 300w, Iam now running this mode,I get it from Amazon at $75,quite worth it at that price.
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    Jonathan Beatty

    Jonathan Beatty Member

    Yeah,I think the Mars Hydro 300w is the most cost-effective one,in addition,I love their Cree COB ,get it at the discount price $226,very quiet to use in my room.
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    Jonathan Beatty

    Jonathan Beatty Member

    Two girls under the COB,22 inches from the light, see how do the girls reactive

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