THC induced seizures,blackouts ect ect.

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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had any cannabis related health issues with concentrates?

    Would you mind sharing your experience & also what you've learned? Im starting to see more and more people have issues that i've previously had & am wondering what the hell might cause it?

    I'll go first.

    Somewhere around 2013 i stopped smoking flowers and strictly did BHO/Rosin for about 12-14 months daily.

    Eventually towards the end of the year my tolerance got ridiculously high, i started to notice something really strange which only could trigger while high on a good amount of concentrates.

    I would get these blackouts that last for a second, it always seems to start by "forgetting to breathe" followed by a big gasp of inhale & a jolt of electricity in my head which causes me to lose all motor function for that second but once i snap out of it, i feel completely normal which was super strange considering it literally doesn't last longer then a second.

    I've given two blood samples over a period of 3 months to check for multiple things yet they both came back pretty "normal".

    At this point, im 175lbs 5'9 and a pack of day smoker so i decided i needed to make some changes, the first and easiest thing was to convert back to flowers.

    When i did this it surprised the hell out of me because if i smoke flowers before or after concentrates i NEVER get that feeling of blacking out, so for some reason flowers seem to halt the blackout effects concentrates have on my body.

    Since then i quit smoking stoges, lost 25lbs, slowed down my concentrate intake and have NEVER had any concentrate related issues again.

    Has anyone had any related issues or possibly any research about this?
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    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    I have not had similar issues to that of my health from concentrates, however I had seen articles relating to the negatives of cannabis concentrates such as dabs, that highlight issues that they cause with blood pressure and heart rates that can generate other health issues as a result.Although there are these articles, there always seems to be a lack of research references or the research does not deal with the long term effects.My view on the matter is everything in moderation.
    It is good to hear that you are back in good health.

    Happy toking. :bigjoint:

    lungbutter Active Member

    yeah low blood pressure from dabs, much dizzyness and anxiety related stuff, had to quit for a while. sticking to mainly flowers now also
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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Interesting... I've looked over & over and find so much conflicting information it kind of gets overwhelming.

    What it "seems" like to me is, my body at the time couldnt handle much THC without some CBD.

    I would really want to get a bit more educated in this, if anyone has got anything to add, fire away.

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    During that time, i was also getting anxiety attacks.

    My first one felt like i was going to die lol, i was driving and my hands/legs went completely numb to the point i had to try and stab my shifter into park with my wrist.

    The anxiety lasted for about a year and even that, stopped coming after getting used to it & making health changes.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i guess i'm lucky, weed has never given me anxiety, just the opposite.
    i have had short episodes like you describe, kind of like doing a whippit, but just a second or two. i've been smoking heavily when it happens, usually flower with hash in the bowl, and assumed it was a little oxygen deprivation. could be something else, but it feels like oxygen deprivation
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    Fluffyhead Member

    We humans are too intelligent for our own good, we find ways of concentrating already powerful substances no wonder it causes problems, stick to flowers the way nature intended.
    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Well-Known Member

    I had a friend that I got high that had a seizure. He don't smoke weed no longer because of it.
    Weed isn't for everyone some people just cant smoke it.
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    Popeye_ Well-Known Member

    Probally the neem oil they were spraying the plants with.. had a friend who this happened to lately.

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