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    I recently made a very potent olive oil extraction that turned out to be too heavy on THC for my purposes. I am treating a friend who has a very scary type of advanced endometrial cancer and needs a ton of CBD extract. My extract was produced from a local organic grower who thought his mix of plants was going to be 70% CBD. I haven't had it tested, but several experienced and several inexperienced users found it very mind altering but not very sleep inducing. The strains it came from are Girl Scout Cookie (apparently too much of this), God's Gift and Harlequin (apparently not enough of this). Any clean and healthy CBD laden plant matter or extract out there? I have a lot of extract that I would like to give you. One teaspoon on my potion gets even heavy users very high.

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    I found for me, it's triad and error. I lost faith in other people as well. I recommend testing them to get real science.
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    yes all trial and error. i will probably spring for the analytical 360 test.

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    exactly what are you asking ? I regularly grow high cbd strains and blend for specific cbd:thc ratios after lab testing each batch of extracts (coconut oil extract)..
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    I would like to ask you something in a private message if that is ok. But I can't figure out how to do it here even though there is an inbox.

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