Tha Official RHODE ISLAND Stoner Thread!

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by StacksOnDeck401, Jun 22, 2011.


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    Rofl ......

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    Chucky = troll
    95% of what this asshat has to say is simply to try to start conflict. I assume he did not get enough attention as a kid, or maybe he was picked on in high school. get over it, get a life. have something of meaning to say or STFU!

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    Good Then come out of the shadows and show this MAGICAL BS! We do a Sunday Meet and Light..Would Love to meet ya!

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    Then maybe you should find a forum for guru's like yourself and stop slummin with us hacks......

    Thanks. I'll let Res know he sux,lmao. I also run my own genetics but trust me those suck too so I'll keep them here in RI where they won't insult you ;)

    Oh, so this is Collin? You're a nice kid to chat with on f/b, why such a penis here? Not that you care but Jamie will probably be pretty bummed to see you insulting his friends (and mine) like this. I know he used to have respect for you. If I could offer a piece of advice from a 44 yr old to a (18-19?) yr old. Let your work speak for itself. With an insulting attitude, no one will care if your hash tested at 75%, an asshole is an asshole. FWIW. Now,'re dealing with a page full of adults here. Should u wish to start over with an apology (especially to Mike, you don't know what his day consists of, if you did, you'd shut the fuck up), I'm sure the group would find it in themselves to forgive and forget.

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    u remember what store in seeking u got em from?

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