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    Hey guys looking for some advice. I can grow in the closet under my stairs. Got about 3x3x6 before it slopes downward. One thing I'm trying to figure out is how to access the plants and set up ventilation. Most tents ive seen come out the sides, mine will be right up against a wall. I'd hate to go smaller as once I get good at the 3x3 wifey will let me expand. Also considered sealing it up and using ac but then I lose another 2sf just to the ac unit. Was looking at a gorilla shorty 3x3 getting me to 5'8" and having room to expand in the future when I can move into our guestroom with 9' ceilings and go to photos when I have a bit more time and get the basics down.

    Also is a 3x3x6 good enough for a few autos, or should I go photo. Looking to start late August so I can have flowers for the winter layoff. How many should I try and fit? I was thinking 4 and going to run 4 qb 288s on 2100ma dialed down significantly but giving me options when I can go bigger without buying more equipment.

    My wife prefers Bruce banner #3 but only can find that in photos not autos. So looking for recommendations on good sativa's comparable.
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    Maybe just do away with a tent altogether? Working in spaces that small may make using a tent difficult...generally people use a larger CFM fan to exhaust hot air, and a smaller or equal sized one blowing air inside. What kind of light system are you going to run?...Sounds like your best bet would be LEDs or Ceramic Metal Halide rather than traditional HID lights, as they will really put out the heat...I've tried THC bomb auto with great success, they're what are in my display pic. They have a primary sativa affect with a slight indica lean, depending on how early/late you harvest.

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