Tell me why Sativas are different than Indicas

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    tstick Well-Known Member

    I already know that people SAY that a Sativa imparts a different effect than does an Indica....The whole spiel about Indicas are more couch lock and stoney where a Sativa is more of an energetic and uplifted kind of high....yeah yeah...heard it a million times. Sativa have more THC and less for

    I can't quite figure out why this would be the perception. After all, the psychoactive components are known -the main one being THC...right? Okay, Okay...I'm playing Devil's Advocate to say that.

    But what is the difference between two separate a pure Indica and the other a pure Sativa...IF everything is tested and the THC and other cannabinoids test out to be the same for both?

    The ONLY thing that could be making Indicas different from Sativas is everything else other than the known psychoactive components...right? Because what else could be making them so distinctive (apparently) from one another?

    So what happens when you combine the two sides? You get strains that apparently uplift you onto the couch for some lively munching and creative resting? lol :)
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    That's the beauty about science isn't it?
    The more we find out the more questions we have to answer.

    My personnel unfounded belief is that there is simply a compound/s in one that is not in the other that is yet to be found.

    tstick Well-Known Member

    Yes you might be right. Or, maybe it's just something that someone started saying when Indicas first started to appear on the scene. Up until that point, pretty much everything was Sativa coming from South of the border. But, as I recall, it was during the Vietnam war that GIs started bringing back bunches of SE Asian Indicas. After that, the whole thing about one being different than the other was established. But I certainly got high AF on those old Sativas back then. I don't ever remember the high as being "energetic" or "up" or anything of the sort. As I recall it, the effect from smoking marijuana was that I got high -in no certain kind of differentiated way....just "high".

    Could it be that someone got some mediocre Sativa and then had some really strong Indica and whatever reaction they had at the time started a "wive's tale" about there being a big difference. Maybe the Sativa just wasn't comparable to the Indicas at that time because the Indicas were grown better and processed better than those super-compressed bricks of Sativa. Maybe the difference was/is psychological.....just for the sake of discussion. What do you think?

    LEDandCoffee Well-Known Member

    Honestly unless you're getting pure genetics most things are pretty much a hybrid nowadays anyways.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    I think it has more to do with cbn, if you harvest later when there are more amber Trichs is what makes me tired.

    I harvest at different times for a sleeper sativa or a more active indica.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    I definitely don't think its a wives tale.

    I prefer a Sativa or a Sativa dom. I like to party rather than just sit there unable to move.
    What makes the Sativa have a different leaf shape (narrow) and in the main less leaf to flower ratio? There are differences in the species so why not the effect itself?
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    the leaf shape and density are environmental, sativas are from a more arid region in general, with higher peak temperatures, and a longer growing season. the thin leaf structure and density helps cut down transpiration, and allows better ventilation .
    indicas, on the other hand, are from a cooler, more humid region with shorter days and growing seasons. they have developed broader leaves to absorb as much light as possible, during their shorter mountain days. the broad leaves also absorb warmth during the day to help keep the plant warm through the cold mountain nights.
    none of this is from scholarly articles, but my own opinion. could be wrong...

    tstick Well-Known Member

    It could be that since Sativas take much longer to complete flowering and ripening, they get harvested too early when the trichomes are clear....and people don't get as high so they feel like they are energized -because they aren't High-high. Indicas ripen relatively early and are much more manageable and productive to grow indoors than are Sativas. In that way, Indicas can fully ripen in ~60 days, whereas a Sativa might take twice that amount of time. Maybe the easier-to-achieve ripeness of Indicas make them seem like they get people more stoney-stoned, couch-locked, etc.

    But, like I say, as I remember it, the old "skunk" was a Sativa and when you smoked it, you definitely didn't become the life of the party! lol! No disrespect, but I think a lot of these differentiations are made to market the plethora of strains out there....which are (as has already been mentioned) hybrids of the two. All this "70/30" or "60/40"....I think it's bullshit to lead people into thinking that one is markedly different than the other....Come on.

    A pure Sativa and a pure Indica are SO rare these days....I don't even know if I'd believe it if I saw one ever again. Everything is a hybrid now (as has been mentioned). Unfortunately, a lot of these hybrids were made from old genetics that came from selected cultivars that did NOT stink....or from genetics that made a faster growing/shorter flowering offspring and had little to do with maintaining specific, landrace traits. Too bad, in my opinion, because those old traits were where those delicious flavors came from.

    I think that Sativas and Indicas are mostly differentiated by their flavors rather than their effect. If a strain is grown well and grown to its full ripeness, and it's from genes that give it a good smell and taste, then it should get you high....and getting high, to me, means chilling and being introspective and feeling relaxed with the world. It's not a thrill-seeking kind of trip for me. That's the feeling that what I like to call "good" weed gives me.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Skunk was and is a hybrid. Sure the thin leaf is more wanted but as a hybrid its a hybrid.

    Ill have to disagree on effect. I much prefer a sativa leaning hybrid for myself but generally the public prefer an Indica leaning ( not all but id say 70/30) One customer loves them all but likes the Sativa for mornings, daytime and arvo and the Indica leanings for evening and night. Its not unusual for him to be running 3 mull bowls.( daily smoker of 40 odd years)
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean .

    But one big difference is an indica wont make me flower her for 16 weeks :)

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I want up lifting happy weed as i find some ogs actually make me kinda mean lol

    So im on the search for the chink eyed happy as fuck weed as a child.....

    But mabey because i was a child at the time i could just enjoy it more?... now im like shit i got stuff to do lol

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    And i dont mind them but i dont care for heart racey weed either

    And pure sleep weeds arent good either when you got shit to do...

    Mabey going to try some cbd seeds

    But i was not impressed with the cbd weed i sampled from the dispensaries up here anyway
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    It all gets me sufficiently "stoned". Some more potent than others, and sometimes more in my head than body, and vice versa. Maybe some make me nod off sooner than later, but i believe the "high" feels the same. Like getting / growing something different than what you've been smoking can feel stronger or different, but soon after the novelty wears off and you steel feel stoned. IMHO same shit different smell, same as alcohol beer, wine, spirits all vary in their own way but at the end of the day youre still drunk. Peace bro
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    ^^^This is something I've thought about a lot. When I was smoking back in the 70's we never differentiated the type of high we got. It was that you smoked pot and you got high (or stoned or bjamboed....whatever you want to call it), lol! All the terms were interchangeable back then....they all meant the same thing.

    Since the days of medical marijuana recommendations, dispensaries attempted to separate and differentiate the strains according to whatever the medical-user's symptoms were. "Oh, you have a lot of tension and can't sleep? Well then, an Indica will help with that." Or, "You like getting high but you don't want that 'heavy' kind of high? Well then, try a Sativa because they lift you up." But, like I said earlier, most of the smoke we were getting back in those days was some kind of Mexican/South American landrace Sativa....and we got high, stoned, etc. as fuck. I don't ever recall wanting to go jet skiing after smoking a joint of that old school, landrace weed! Never! So how could those old Sativas knock us out when they were 'supposed to' lift us up? The answer...

    ...the answer is that the market/industry -whatever you want to call it, created the differentiations and applications of thousands of strains to the thousands of symptoms that are common to almost everyone -sore back, anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of creative thinking, relaxation....and so on. All of a sudden, the market said, "Hey! We have specific strains for each one of those things!"

    So the idea spread that every one of the thousands and thousands of strains out there, could potentially have it's own, unique application for a specific desired effect -(while at the same time having all the same, exact, psychoactive components as the next)...The only real way to know which one was best for you would be to keep coming back and trying them all until you happened onto the perfect matchup....which could take forever. And, in that process of strain testing, people fall into the trap of going along with the hype of the marketplace.

    Then THC/cannabinoid testing came about, And suddenly, the game switched to focus on producing the strains that tested highest for THC or the strains that had high CBD levels. And I've tried many of those super-high (30%+) strains....which left me nowhere near as high as they should have....and in fact, weren't really even that pleasant or enjoyable at all. The high CBD strains didn't do much, either.

    By deduction, there must be something that's still missing. What else could it be besides the flavonoids and terpenes? Those are the things that I keep noticing is missing from about almost everything on the market today -no smell and no flavor. What then differentiates the strains? Hmmmmm....I'm not great at math, but I can put two and two together.

    What's so hard about breeding strains for more smell and flavor? The answer is that most of the stinky and tasty traits were bred out of the landrace strains to keep the grow ops stealthy....and as a result, now there are few (if any) real landrace genetics -indoors or outdoors, left. It's all just....gone....or hiding out in super-secret places -which is what I'd prefer to believe...but I doubt it because, IF someone had the real deal, then they could literally take over the market. There is so much bland stuff out there, now -really, really well-grown -BEAUTIFULLY grown.....but bland, bland, bland. And saying that probably doesn't even make sense to a lot of younger folks because they have all this beautiful -looking stuff to choose from that smells a little bit like grapes if you smash your face into a ripe bud....or smells a little bit pine tree-like, etc. Yet they don't have any idea of what some of that old school landrace marijuana tasted like...or smelled like from across the room when someone walked in with a baggy of the skunk in their pocket.

    It could always be worse....but I just wish I had the GALLON-SIZE jar of landrace seeds that I used to scrape out onto a double-album cover. If I did, then I'd be two things: 1. Rich and: 2. High.

    :) Peace!
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    If your breeding or cultivating a land race strain then its no longer a land race strain. People like Kevin are attempting to "go back in time" and find stuff that was bread out.

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    tstick Well-Known Member

    That's beautiful, man. The guy obviously knows from experience. He nailed it. I wish him the best and hope that I can one day try and grow some of the old school skunk.
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    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    SHall we add ruderalis to the question?

    THeres hundreds of cannabinoids of course theres more to it then just THC and CBD ratio levels
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    Actually, cannabis ruderalis is something I will avoid. I tried a few autos and they all had an odd flavor that didn't appeal to me. Also, I just didn't get any enjoyment out of growing autos. I see their appeal for some people, but not for me.

    Kevin Jodrey in those videos above, has basically said everything that needs to be said about the old vs. the new. I suspected something like this, but he confirmed what I was thinking in a way that went beyond my previous knowledge. Now, for me, there is no longer a question. The mystery is solved. The real, old school weed went away due to the risk it posed to growers of that time. Now, he (and maybe a few others) are trying to bring the important aspects of it back into the present day. I hope I see the day and get to smoke some of what they are working on.

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Exactly its like hemp, autoflowers usually have it, I dont touch it usually, not bad though since it can be had for same price as reggies some decent auto
    knight mare

    knight mare Active Member

    If you want soaring high's cut your plant when only 30% of tric's are cloudy if you want couch lock cut when most are amber.

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