T2 aka Mountain Mist.

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    So I got my hands on this super dank T2 also refered to as TK2. But it was all clearly the same. Really frosty and potent, taste was amazing. I got a few dozen seeds out of a large amount. The majority of the seeds came from only a few nugs. I'm pretty sure some hermi followed by self pollination happend. I'm not worried about having hermi seeds, that's not my question here. I've had seeds under this same condition before that turned out to be all females of some really dank Flo. My question is about T2 (or mountain mist) and its genetics...

    Now I don't live the Colorado, I live in The NW. But the guys I got this from have ties to Colorado. So this is the best info I could find on the strain.

    "T2" aka "Mountain Mist"
    Super Frosty, Super meds, this one will blind you with its bling! Made this one 8 years ago along with my first hybrid "Nosebleed"! This is a cross of GWS and Silver Pearl (if I remember correctly). This one was picked out of hundreds of seedlings also, I was truly lucky to have found it.


    The bud I had was just as frosty. Anyone who can give me more info on this strain would be great. Estimated flowering time, any nuggets of info would help. So far I popped 4 and now have 3 that are looking very healthy, about a foot tall, topped once.

    Fill me in on the Mountain Mist aka T2

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    No info coming out of Colorado on that strain I've lived here my whole life smoked scene I was fourteen, the guy you got them from made that name up. Sounds like your buddy bullshitted you a bit.I know a man from the NW go's out there to work and brings back various strains from the NW aka 707. To name a few pink lady,Flo,headband,blue dream,Purple kush, lavender,master kush,og kush,Fire og clones, ogar clones. not a big fan of flo looks dank for sure not big on the taste to earthy.

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    Sigh, please re read m post. My buddy never bullshitd anyone that pic and description was found at Green Island Gardens. Servicing the greater Colorado area. Here is the link. http://www.greenislandsgardens.com/Marijuana_Grow_Classes.html

    So just because u are unfamiliar with the strain in your area does not mean its made up. Or bullshit.

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    It says it's a cross of Great White Shark and Silver Pearl. But that's the only place I've found I reference to the strain.

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    Sorry wasn't trying to sound negative man. just never heard of that strain until I read your post.http://www.greenislandsgardens.com Servicing the greater Colorado area out of Aurora, CO thats a suburb of Denver.They services nothing west of Denver the western slope and western parts of Colorado and that strain didn't come from the middle to western side of Colorado. So like I said before its your buddys Frankenstein said it your self
    And why are you not worried about it? Your messing with hermed out genetics. the people to ask about that strain is budpatch heres his RIU profile--->https://www.rollitup.org/members/budpatch-166793.html he is in Denver

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    I'm a Western CO native and I remember getting a sack of some nugs in the late '90s called mountain mist. It was incredible stuff, I still remeber it. I have no clue about the genetics of it, and I've yet to see it again since over a decade ago. I remember it having a blue looking hue to it with lots of frost and the potency was great. It came from a tiny little mountain town in central/western CO. I've often wondered if it could have been Matanuska Mist renamed? I know I'm way late with my reply, but figured I'd chime in since this thread sparked my memory on this particular strain or one with the same name at least.

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    Lol lets be honest, you were trying to be a little negative...don't change up because he called you out.
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    Welcome PR. The strain looks interusting, you'll get your answer here in good time if anyone knows whasup with it. Thanks for not flying of the hook earlier, we see it all to often in the forums. It shows a certain amount of gravitas refiring the question/explaining your intent, instead of getting into the he said she said loop. we welcome a lil respectable debate and defiantly want you to express your opinions. kk-- yo, straight up, no one likes a cynic! Please be a touch more inviting to the new heads at the spot. Give them the benefit of the doubt and see what's what before telling em they, their sources are wrong. Good looking out for the locals tho, we all in this together. Let's keep it civil, and not forget who the fight is really against. Thanks -Chef

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    Uh thanks for the welcome but I'm already an established member on this site...I already know how it is around here. Also you will see this was in like January when I posted this, I already grew and flowered it out amazing plant. Very potent and flavorful.

    I didn't fly off the hook because I knew I was correct. I'm not too afraid of growing a a herm seed as I have done it before already, and I was proven correct once again with the t2. I got all females and no herm traits at all. But yeah it turned out it was jus a random pheno of who knows what that a guy popped from seed. It turns out to most likely have been pollinated by somthing else in the room, maybe itself, really was impossible to tell.

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    lol, a finshaggy quote! made me laugh

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    I just saw that too. I think we should invite him to the next BBQ. His roach BHO is supposed to be pretty killer! ;-)

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    Hey guys, just searching for some of my old strains and what do you know there is actually people still growing some of them. So yes, all your information is pretty much correct on lineage of T2 aka Mountain mist. It was Silver Pearl crossed with GWS (if my memory serves me right). Its actually a strain I made in AZ some 8 years ago and then brought it to Colorado. It still is in circulatioin in some spots here in Colorado but most are hybrids now and not straight T2. Just some background info on it... I grew quite a few plants before I came up with that particular T2 cut... it was called T2 because my growroom at the time was smelling like straight turds..lol...like straight up baby diaper so I labeled them all T1, T2, T3, with the "T" standing for turds....lol.... and T2 is the one that made the cut. Once I got to Colorado the centers and the masses wanted a different name and so we came up with mountain mist..I dont know where the TK2 came from..that must have come from someone after the fact . If there is anything else you would like to know feel free to respond and ask. My website greenislandsgardens.com is no longer up because I sold that company about 9 months ago but I currently still work in Colorado at a dispensary in the springs called The Healing Canna. Come check us out sometime if you like:) I have several new strains I have made since T2 and those are available in the shop (we actually carried Mountain Mist too until about a year ago).. some of the new strains include Colorado Crippler, Purple alien shipwreck, Purple alien spaceship, Levi's Watermelon, Blue Star, Blue Triangle... etc... the second and third strains are actually children of my famed "Nosebleed" strain. Anyhow hope that helps answer some of your questions... I still go by GI, Greenisland, or Levi so feel free to shoot me a PM if you like too. Stay high everyone!

    PS:.. The strain was available ALL throughout Colorado.. south to Pueblo, North to Boulder, West through the mountains...and I serviced ALL of Colorado with my company Greenislandsgardens.com.. I just tried to stay in Denver is all:).. and if someone did get it back in the late 90's it was probably something else..like you said maybe Matanuska Mist renamed cause I think the year I made T2/Mountain Mist was like maybe 2004 or so... you can see a grow I did of it back in 2007 on another forum..wont mention sites because they dont like that but if you search it you will be able to find it:).. Im kinda curious who you got the strain from that had ties to Colorado...wonder if it was someone I know? It is kinda cool to see that it made it to another state though:)

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    I have some T2

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    What's up GI?! I have access to a strain they're calling T1. Is this possibly yours?

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