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    Hi growers, this is my first grow, the seed popped out of a nug I bought from the streets, it was kind of a miracle :D:D and I've decided to plant it, great choice so far as you can see from the pictures.
    I use an organic soil, a 125w cfl till few weeks in flowering, then I added a full spectrum( purple chinese light ) led 50w.
    Everything gone smooth, even tough I've had my plant cracked in half in the first days of flowering due to an alluminium panel that collapsed in her :( but she recovered very well I think :D. So how does she looks? Is it harvest time? Sorry for my bad english, not my first language.
    I'll post some pictures of the white widow later on, she just started floweing, but the light is not enough for the two plants, so once I harvest the unknown I will switch her with the white widow.
    Have a sweet day.

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    lil update:
    - the white widow, she is 12/12 from seed, I bented her down, I'm starting to feel her pain for the poor light she gets, but that will be till I harvest the unknown one.
    IMG_20171222_135501 - Copy.jpg

    - the unknown, she's getting slowly fatter, still too much milky pistils, so I guess is not her time yet, need help on the harvest decision.
    IMG_20171222_133622 - Copy.jpg IMG_20171222_133637 - Copy.jpg
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    -unknown strain: I'm afraid is growing very slowly, temperature are 71f 22c in the night, 78f 26c with light on, umidity around 40%, maybe is beacuse is not a top class genetic?
    IMG_20171227_151950 - Copy.jpg IMG_20171227_152038 - Copy.jpg

    -white widow: get up from the bending very well, flowers get more hair
    IMG_20171227_153301 - Copy.jpg

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    That's no way to talk about your girls, man. Treat it special, and it will be good.
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    :p I swear she gets all my efforts, when as a seed popped out of a bud, I call it a sign, that what inspired me to start growing, love her :mrgreen:

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    -unknown : Need help on harvest decision, I will give her another week, something less, cause she still has some milky hair, help me on this please, is my first time. I'll put lots of photos, really enjoied doin them.
    IMG_20180114_140847.jpg IMG_20180114_140928.jpg IMG_20180114_141053.jpg IMG_20180114_141127.jpg IMG_20180114_141408.jpg IMG_20180114_141430.jpg

    -white widow : I love the color of the plant, has that dark green, that make her look healthy. You can see the very wierd structure, I bend the top on a side, not the best, but a good workaround to reach a flat canopy.
    some hair of the top already getting orange.
    IMG_20180114_141237.jpg IMG_20180114_141344.jpg

    room pic :

    any advice, consideration, thoughts, is so much appreciated. :peace:

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    both the girls are looking pretty good, can't complain on my first experience.

    unknown: She gets fatter and fatter, these last two weeks are a great show.[​IMG]

    white widow: can't wait to give her all the lights.

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    Looking killer, dude. You will be one happy camper, in a couple weeks. She definitely looks like she's going to be some good smoke. I love a good bagseed grow every now and again. Quality genetics are cool, but there's something about that air of mystery. I have four bagseeds going in this run, and that's most definitely by choice :bigjoint:

    When are you looking at chopping her down?
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    Hi ninja :) , you're so right that air of mistery is very exciting, I will straight up looking for your grow topic, ( do u have one ? , can't find it ). 4 bagseed is a great adventure I guess, great choice.

    Today I put her on a side of the tent, and I gave all the lights to the white widow, I guess this way, she will feel her time is coming, more like a natural end of season, getting less light, then, within a week I'll chop the top buds, and leave the lower buds for another week or two. I don't have patience anymore :eyesmoke:.

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    Nope, don't have a thread of my own. I'll post random pictures in the random picture thread, and I've thought of starting one, but I am too unorganized to have a thread with regular updates lol. The four bag seeds which are just 1/4th of my current vegging set up, are just little babies right now anyway, so they aren't too exciting lol.

    Your plans for harvest sound like they are right on track. Splitting up trimming like that, for me anyway, is the way to do it. Trimming is the absolute worst part of growing :spew:

    Looking forward to seeing what you pull, weight wise. Any plans for the trim? Oil? Edibles?

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    Man the weight will be the challenge, cause this poor plant went trough a lot, from very cold night for a very long time ( 17 centrigrades ), to almost being broken in half, now my grow room is all right, and she has a nice environment, I don't care about the weight, is my first plant and I will just love to smoke what I' ve grown, so no plans on edibles or oil, just lots of spliff for the moment :D

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    Is update tiiiiime

    -unknown: she is still "the queen of the getto" no direct like to her anymore, she still puts out hairs, but her time is over, I'm still waiting to chop chop. some pics of her beauty.
    IMG_20180122_093029.jpg IMG_20180122_093214.jpg

    -white widow: growing fast as hell, now she has all the 175w lights for her, I can only watch her get fat day by day.
    IMG_20180122_092919.jpg IMG_20180122_093545.jpg


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    updaaaate :

    the unknown has been chopped down in two phases, half went one week outdoor and then chopped, I can also say, that 've chopped her very early. trichs were really crystal white.
    the first half dried:

    the whitewidow:
    I've changed grow space, now she is in a small cab 3x3, after the first issues with the new environment, temperature are now on 23centigrades with light on, and 20-21 with lights off, she seems to love it, I've also add an intake fan.
    IMG_20180209_140132.jpg IMG_20180209_140102.jpg
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    Hi everyone, it's been almost a month from last update, the widow is growing great, exploded, I got rounded-buds.
    In the last two weeks, I raised temperature to + 25 C, and put the plant so close to cfl that was literally growing around it.
    Trychomes are still crystal, not even milky yet, am I right ? So 1 mont still ? :S I've already smoked the whole harvest from the first plant ahah it was soo good :) I'm very happy with my first experience and I'm planning to build a proper space, where I can grow bigger plants.

    IMG_20180302_162209.jpg IMG_20180302_162729.jpg IMG_20180302_162413.jpg IMG_20180302_162719.jpg
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    This cute widow doesnt want to ripee !!
    It's update time !!
    Humidity is very low 20 - 28 %
    Temps day 23 - 28 C / Night 20 - 21 C

    Guys u know better, give me feedback please, how does she looks?

    IMG_20180313_160448.jpg IMG_20180313_161141.jpg

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