Suppose to be 8 weeks into flower

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    doggett1994 Active Member

    How old are these ? They are 8 weeks from 12/12 when will the be done any ideas

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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Will take a little longer with cfls, if you defoliated,stunted ect then it may take even longer.

    Possibly 2-3+ more weeks, try re-posting a week or two from now.

    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    Why the cfl? If you at least got the led bulb lights you would get better growth

    Lite Well-Known Member

    They look incredibly stretched, stressed, stunted buds, overly defoliated. They could be week 15 for all we know. Increase the light intensity, bump up their nutrients, pray to god some of those leaves survive.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    don't listen to your dumbass friends about how to care for your plants.
    don't try advanced techniques until you've gotten a few successful regular grows completed.
    you need more light. are you ph'ing your feed water?
    feed them, but don't go overboard, in that defoliated state, it will take them a few days to metabolize anything

    ScoobyDoo90 Well-Known Member

    looks like could be sativa they usualy go 10 to 12 wks,

    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    If you chop it now an start over with a couple clones you could have them half way done before this finishes looks really far off for 8 weeks. Even if it's a 12 week strain it should look more finished by now. Starting over sucks but if you do it now you could have some really nice buds in 10 weeks imo that's better than waiting 4-5 weeks for this unhealthy plant to finish. It's at a point where the damage is done changing nutrients around won't help much

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Stretched and worse ... Nute burned during flower ( excess N - dark green leaves ) .
    You will have a crippled harvest as HIGH NITROGEN during flower will make buds small and weak.

    The lack of FULL LIGHTING will also disminish harvest as the most direct to the light will only be the best flowers. I would at the least surround entire plants with more CFL since those are what you are using. But it is your feeding / defol that has done them in. If these are photo strains , you can do a course correction ... Water feed these only for a week or two so plants can begin to work thru the heavy feed you gave them ... Increase lighting .... Now ... Like right now .

    CFL "can " grow weed , but you have to surround plant to give it half a chance. As a downward emitting light , it sucks , so you have to supplement the sides. This from my own CFL DAYS -


    I since moved on to better lights - cobs and QB. , but these are fun to play with and gets your feet wet ....

    Good luck.

    doggett1994 Active Member


    doggett1994 Active Member

    Chopped it

    I'mBatman Well-Known Member

    Wait until your sugar's start turning brown

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