Super Soil Concentrate idea?

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    I’m going to mix all of my amendments for a soil recycle ahead of time (EWC, Blood Meal, Kelp, feather meal, guano, oyster, dolomite). If this mix sat for 30-60 days would that be considered “cooked”? Do you think the herd has broken done the nutrients enough even though the majority of the grow medium isn’t there?

    The goal is to mix the concentrate amendments with the soil at the proper ratio and be ready to grow. It would save me some space too.

    My first guess is I’d have ph issues with the concentrate.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    No... I’m not 100% certain honestly but they sell super soil concentrate packs where you just add the concentrate pack to your medium and let it do it’s thing for 30 days.... I’m not sure if they’re concentrate packs come with ewc or not but either way I wouldn’t waste your time hoping it works... mix it with the medium and know it’ll be good... you need the microheard and all that goes with it to be mixed and doing it’s thing globally within the medium and everything in it.... not just in/on/around the raw minerals/nutrients...
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