Super "airy" fluffy buds??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Project Ponics, Aug 6, 2018.

    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Alright so I just completed my second grow ever.

    I am running a 2x2x4 tent with a 300w viparspectra, and can't help but think it's the viparspectra light I am using?? Everything went smooth as far as the grow, but my plants are just not producing buds like it should. I've seen other peoples grows with the 300w viparspectra and the buds I've seen people grow with the same light are nice and tight nugs, maybe not very "dense" but still looked better than my buds...

    I just chopped down my plant 3 days ago, a Fastberry Auto from Fastbuds.

    I just weighed it all today as "most" of the water weight is gone and they are nearly ready for curing, I pulled 41 grams from the plant. But ALL of the buds are super fluffy, is the cheap LED I'm using the main cause of this happening on both my first harvest and now this one? My first grow was 2 plants in my 2x2, each harvested nearly 35 grams of fluffy as hell buds. But was still a good smoke, also looked and smelled amazing.

    Pictures aren't great sorry.

    Also I harvested this plant about a week or so early, kind of had to... also I haven't done a second trim on them so the buds I took pictures of are very leafy as well.



    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    You need to get rid of that toy and get a real light. Something from HLG would be a good start.

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    your plant could have done with another few weeks to fatten up. You can get tight buds with your led but it really is strain and training that gets them there, not much you can do with autos either. But yeah your light is not great. Better luck next round.
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    kindnug Well-Known Member

    I've gotten better results from a 250w hps:cry: 15-20 years ago
    IME the ruderalis in autos are part blame of fluffy/leafy buds, but I think the light might also be part of it.
    Never been impressed by ANY auto-flower when compared to elite clone-ly's
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    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    I just ordered a 300w Samsung strip led for my new 4x2x6 tent. Having high expectations for it...
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    Kushash Well-Known Member

    You are doing great!
    Your second grow and you did the most important thing. You grew buds that as you described were a good smoke and had an amazing smell. That's all that matters on a second grow.
    Now as you improve your environment with a new light and continue to learn you will be growing bigger more amazing buds in the future.
    Good Luck!

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    The light is only good for vegging , not flowering. For flowering try a CMH with a finishing lamp or a good old 600w HPS., this way you will get big solid heavy buds again instead of the light as a feather harvest you have there.
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    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Yeah like I said above I get my Samsung LED strip in the mail next week. Got a 300w from nfhiggs for my new 4x2x6 so not only a better light. A bigger light, and tent for bigger yields. Gonna use the 2x2x4 with the viparspectra for a veg tent.
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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    harvested too early and youll get better yields if you dont grow autos.
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    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Yeah not a fan of autos, that was actually my first auto grow lol. Also the buds did compress while they were curing. They are actually very dense now.

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