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    :clap: EXCELLENT Tutorial thank you!

    I'm gathering all the stuff now so great!
    On a side note tho... awwww, I could not see subs "secret-ingredient"? ;-)

    malignant Well-Known Member

    just reposting and making it stick. something nobody should have to look hard for.
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    elduece Active Member

    I think somebody had figured it out already. Either a cup of composted bonemeal/blood meal of a trespasser or thief, same difference. :fire:
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    EXCELLENT idea! (an "ex" will do too I guess, but anyway...:))

    I had to laugh. If you google "subcool's secret ingredient" (with and without the "for super soil") the responses, and guesses are, uh... creative? LOL and funny (kief? seriously? ha ha ha, now watch it be that!)
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    its humic acid, the "special ingredient"
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    he put such a little amound of the secret ingredient, its prob nothing lol
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    budmikey253905 Member

    Just started my first run with super soil and got a journal to go along.. anyone welcome to come along and see the weekly updates using subcools supersoil with roots organic as base soil.


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    Sub says that easy feeding plants only need super soil in the bottom 1/4 of the contaner, and heavyer feeders 1/2 full with super soil.

    here is my question?? wouldn't it be better for a light feeding plant to have still only 1/4 super soil, but to have that 1/4 mixed up to the 1/2 mark with your base soil so it is not as strong???

    Second question, the recipe calls for 5 pounds of 0-5-0 guano, whould you use the same amout or half as much it you were to use 0-12-0 guano????

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    long time hydro grower here, my first batch of Super Soil has been cooking under the 110 degree Phoenix Sun for about 24 days so far. Cant wait to give the super soil a run.

    budmikey253905 Member

    yo medical/420,
    i would just stick to the 1/4 and then mix a couple of inches of base soil with the super soil and then add ur base soil in rest of pot.
    answer to second question is exactly what u said just p ut half of the amount required if ur guano has double the phosphorous. my plants got hot feet due to putting them in super soil too quickly ..
    so as long as u wait til ur plants are fully rooted u are golden.

    stay high,

    anurism1 Active Member

    Hi. I was wondering what the affect will be if I trans from 1gallon pots to 3 gallon with 40% supersoil straight into flower. Have any of you donethis. I usually veg a good 3 to 4 weeks if bigger pots. But I want to try a few smaller plant.

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    Depends on strain....if it can tolerate this mix, which is pretty hot.....they will do fine....I have tried it and had mixed results....some did good but didn't fade and some just didn't take well at all.....I wouldn't suggest trying a whole batch.......

    WhiteRooster Active Member

    I want to try out the super soil method with a few supplements Sweet Raw as my carbohydrate source, Silica Blast as my pH up, and Hygrozyme as my pH down.
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    awesome breakdown on mix bro! thanks a ton...

    <Grasshopper> Active Member

    Humic Powder?
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    I am going to make a large amount of Subs SuperSoil. 1250gallons to be exact. I made one batch with these ingredients and filled 3 3/4x32gallon trashcans (124gal but we will round up to 125gal). 50lb worm casting5lb steamed bone meal5lb bat guano5lb blood meal 3lb rock phosphate3/4 cup epsom salt1 cup sweet lime (dolomite)1/2 cup azomite2tbs powedered humic acid8 bags roots organic2 bags perlite (12quart size bags)2 bags cocoThis gave me 125gallons of soil. I want to create enough soil for to last me a perpetual harvest. Schedule:Example. I want to cut 16 clones and harvest 16 plants every 2 weeks. I need help figuring this out, i think i have it figured out but advice on scheduling would be nice. im allowed up to 72plants but would like to base my PHarvest off 64 that way i have a safety zone to play with mothers etc...back to the mass amount of super soil, i did the math and this is what ive come up with:530lbs worm castings50lbs bone meal50lbs bat guano50lbs blood meal30lbs rock phosphate 5 3/4 cups epsom salt10 cups dolomite lime 3,5 cups azomite20 tbs powdered humic acid240 bags roots organic ( i will order by the pallet)26 bag coco14 bag perliteThis should make roughly 1250 gallons of supersoil. this ought to last me a year....i hope. what do you think fellow friends

    anurism1 Active Member

    Do you guys think or know whether or not, if your SS is hot if that could cause plants to get seeds?

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    would some silica blast be the best way to add some silica or any ammendments i can throw in?

    Cann Well-Known Member

    use diatomaceous earth for long term silica. organic rice also has a good amount of silica in it and will feed the fungi in your soil...i dont know silica blast personally so I would be skeptical to add it, I do however add Dyna-grow Pro-tekt into every watering for silica.

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