subcool super soil mix yield per plant 60 day veg and 60 flower 7 gallon pots

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    Hey ppl on here i'm in process of trying super soil just want to know the yield what mr SUB and others have had growing monsters in 7 gallon pots and vegging and flowering for 60 days each? (120 days start to finish) also how much space and light used to grow a plant with 7 gallon pots.

    I have searched on the forum an no results this thread can potentially help new and old growers what to expect in terms of yield per plant and size of grow area and lighting that has to be used to occupy subcools plants.:leaf:

    also i personally think if we were to grow monster trees in super soil the lighting probably will have to be hung vertical as the plants will span out and spread so much.
    trichome fiend

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    Yield will vary depending on your conditions/strain of choice. Sub uses 7 gal pots, 4 to each hood.

    ylem Active Member

    asking about the yield of a grow before its grown or even planted is impossible. sub soil is pretty serious, so lets just say a lot.

    nasar Well-Known Member

    thanks for the quick replies guys i have seen the info where he says use 1k hps for every 4 plants in gallon pots but size room would you need for them? i have also seen some where that sub had yileds of 10 oz per plant so 4 plants under 1k hps = 40 oz. I need an idea of what room space he uses and any training like LST/FIM SCGROG or SUPER CROP

    What yield does sub get per plant? and maybe others who have used this soil,

    nasar Well-Known Member

    I am think of using all subs strains my favorite is VORTEX or PURPLE URKLE
    trichome fiend

    trichome fiend Well-Known Member

    :leaf:....just sent off for Querkle myself! :clap:

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    Vortex has become my new favorite. The smoke is out of this world
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    A lot of em I have seen yield 4-7 or 8 ounces but I am not the man himself so don't quote me on that

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    The range is 4-8 according to strain and when I pull the trigger I just pulled 9 off a Space Bomb :)
    Querkles Urkles and JTR run closer to 5 vegged for the same time frame as Rom, JC, A-13, Space Bomb, Qleaner etc.

    Kaboom hits the highs with the towering trait allowing more colas per square foot I could see 11 easy with my set up.

    Yield is about method more than genetics Pigs yields 26 ounes off my Vortex Cut which I got 5-7 from each run.


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    Thats 4 plants per 1000 with a 6x6 foot print

    From Upcoming Laws


    Let’s discuss a few ways to construct an indoor grow room. According to your local laws, each state has a different limit of plants that can be grown in a space. I find it best to always have fewer plants budding than allowed, so we will be learning to keep our plants in the vegetative state longer than normal, all the while training and shaping the plants for maximum production indoors. In my youth, we would run as many as 40 plants under 1000 watts in a 6’x6’ area.

    Now we design bud rooms to run between 4-6 plants in the same area with the same wattage lights. The yield is very similar and the main difference is the amount of time the plant is grown under an 18 hours on /6 hours off lighting schedule. The plants are topped and shaped to form a wide bush that will finish multi-headed and at a height of around 5-6 feet. Think of each area covered by a 1000 watt light as a 6’x6’x6’ cube that you are going to fill with cannabis. By using three separate areas designated as “Cloning area,” “Vegetative area,” and “Budding area,” you can continually harvest medicine every 60 days.

    We are going to use some firm measurements in this teaching example, but almost any configuration will work that allows the three areas to be constructed. Every light/bulb has a foot print.

    This means the area that can be properly covered for maximum production.
    These are as follows:

    1000 watt hood…………6’x6’
    600 watt hood………….5’x5’
    400 watt hood………….4’x4’
    250 watt hood………….3’x3’

    The design we will be teaching is a 12’x6’ Budding room with 2000 watts of HPS lighting. The vegetative area is 6’x6’ with 1000 watts of MH lighting, and a starting area that’s 4’x4’. I also use a small shelf with fluorescents for cloning.

    I am a huge fan of specialized grow bulbs and have had great results with both Agrosun and Hortilux brands. I use vented hoods since heat is your #1 enemy indoors; it will zap your bulb life and bring on a myriad of other problems such as pests, stress, additional watering and crappy cannabis.

    Much has changed in the field of lighting and you must be careful not to place these super efficient grow bulbs too close to the canopy.

    Light intensity can cause fox tailing [pic?] or dreading of the buds and hot spots in the center of the canopy.

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    vegging for 60 days i would have 12 foot plants :))) hey sub what ya think 21 days veg 5000 watts 3 " clone to 58" tall and now in flower 8000 watts hordilux superblue
    1300 ppm co2 daily

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    I know this thread is a little older but had a question. Does anyone know if sub has ever used led lights with his super soil or his strains in general? How's the turnout?

    duster74 Well-Known Member

    I don't want to speak for the man, but I know he incorporated an LED (Lush Lighting) in his flower room recently. He thought it was a great product but likes HID better, at least for flower. You can catch his experiment in his Weed Nerd episodes from this past summer. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Dust. It helps a lot.
    I just got hip to weed nerd on you tube literally a couple of days ago when searching results for his super soil.

    duster74 Well-Known Member

    Glad I can help. Yeah he had a series of episodes where he tests LED, I believe this past summer. There's a lot of content to sift through to find it. But then again, watching every episode is worth the advice he gives. I'll look through a few of them to see if I can find it. If so, I'll post here.

    If you haven't this already here's a link that goes over his most current super soil recipe. It begins during minute 19:00:

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    duster74 Well-Known Member

    Ok, here's an episode where he compares his LED to HID lighting. It begins at minute 13:00:
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  18. Lmao check out min 24:10 @subcool

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