Stunted Auto Flower when is it done?


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This is my first time growing. I have 4 autoflowers, I don't know what strain. They are only 5 inches tall and 60+ days old. Are they done? Some info is I'm using T5 2 light fixtures that are 2' X 2' 8,000 lumens/96 watts each and one 2' X 4' 16,000 lumens/192 watts. Used Ocean Forest Soil for the most part and a little bit of this organic soil. Now that I read up I realize I did a lot of things wrong, I transplanted, my lights weren't set up properly. I had the 2 2 X 2 on the side so it cause the stem to grow fast and lay almost completely horizontal. After I added the 4 X 2 light on top it got better, but the damage was done :/. I didn't know to reduce the nutrients so did that stunt it too? And my fan was blowing on the plants all the time because I was trying to keep it cool, but I think that caused wind burn. When are they done? The pics is at around 2 months and a week. How should I cure them? Thanks!



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ok with them being so small sir u have 2 choice

u can cut it now ....or u can shut the lights off give it 2 wholdays of darkness then cut it ...............odds u just get a joint

live and learn................good work on figuring out the mistakes do not give up autos rock
may i say to do the jiffy plug method .......i see u have air bags so order some fox farms ocean forest (only need 12 quarts or 3gallons) and put it in pack it do make a hole ......get a jiffy plug all wet and soaked up squeeze it 3 times so not so full of water poke the hole put the seed in then put the plug in the pot and cover in 4 days give it 1 cup of water then again in 3days .........on the 2nd week u give them 2 cups of water air bag u water once every 24 36 hours depends on heat and wind.....start of the third week u need to go to a walmart and get a spray bottle from garden section it has fuild oz on the side ...2 cups is 8 fluid increase this as the plant gets bigger u can start doing nutrients about nore (u can use at seedling once u learn how)

on mine a 3 gallon was getting be 24 and 28 fuild oz by week 5 and holds there untill i finish inside ...... every 3rd water/feeding they get calmag+ only in the water


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i would say you still have some flowering time left on those

things you want to look for to tell if your plant is ready.
1 - The hairs on it turn a reddish brown and dry/shrink
2 - The trichomes go from clear, to cloudy, to amber. the more amber you have means the more likely your plant is done. clear means the thc is still developing, cloudy it is developed, amber it is developed and slightly degrading.
3 - The leaves turn yellow and fall off
4 - The plant is like hey yo.... harvest me already.

the lighting on the side did not damage the plant, please look up vertical growing for further information. The lack of light at the start might have had something to do with it. Transplanting will definitely have something to do with the stunted growth at this point in the cycle. reduce the nutrients? if your plant had nute burn then maybe but from the pictures i cant tell. Too much nutrients usually has a slight drying/browning/damaging of the leaf tips and edges. I have not had windburn on my plants even with seedlings in direct wind. most autoflowers take 3 months minimum. with the transplant it might take longer, dont rush it. you probably want the best you can get out of your stuff so give it that extra week or two and let it mature properly.

To cure, you can read all the information in the curing section. Essentially you cut them down, cut off all the large fan leaves and hang them upside down in a dark cool place with air movement. leave them there till they get slightly crusty/prickly on the outside but still moist/bendy on the stems. the stems should not break, this means you might have left them out too long. could be a day, could be 3. take them out of the dark and trim off the remaining leaves. or keep them if its percy. cut the buds down to a manageable size and put them in an airtight container. Mason jars work very well. put them in and seal the jar. every 12 hours open the jar and left the moisture out. if the buds are damp to touch, empty the container and let them chill outside for a while 10 min - 30 min. put them back in the jar and seal it. in another 12 hours, rinse and repeat. This is called burping. burping helps ensure an even moisture content throughout the entire bud. curing can take 2-4 weeks. essentially you are putting them in the jar and raising its relative humidity because the buds have alot of moisture in them (more then the surrounding air) and by keeping it in the jar it lets the moisture come out evenly from the entire bud instead of just the outside of it, leaving a wet rotting mess on the inside. you can find more detailed info throughout the site and in the curing/advanced tech/general growing sections


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aww they look cute :)

atleast you got a lot of experience out of it, and now know what not to do next time, one thing you should do tho, is get some quality genetic/seed`s so you don't waste you time/money on growing them 2 grams plant`s Im sure +20g sounds much better for the time and money invested and is easy with some quality Auto seed`s you dont transplant and keep close to the light etc.


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A friend and I stunted our First Autoberry, We had too much heat. It was about 9" Just let your finish, we cut ours @ 65 days and it was way to early. Wait until the hairs turn from white and start drying at least. Ours were still popping white hairs but the trichomes looked cloudy and amber. We were impatient!!!
The one we have now is incredible at Day 30 she has exploded and with the right nutes, light, temp, ph and ppm you cant go wrong.
We have been growing 1 plant at a time to hammer out the issues. Its easier to lose 1 plant and fix newb mistakes with 1 plant than with a whole grow.
The autos were free when we purchased our Pineapple Kush, Bubblegum, and THC Bomb seeds from
AUTOBERRY DAY 21.jpgDay 21 -1st feeding with general Hydroponics Grow Micro Bloom
AUTOBERRY DAY 23.jpgDay 23 Look at the difference

AUTOBERRY DAY 29.jpgDaY 29 just starting to flower slightly

I had to post the pics, I'm so proud.



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on your next grow add more perlite to the medium
it keeps you from over watering
and cuts the soil down a bit to keep from nute burning early
i just got my ass reamed on another thread for saying that
but it might help
wind shouldnt of done that to them

they recover from transplanting usually just stay smaller
but not that small and heat they would of still had some vertical growth
just my 2 cents
take it or leave it


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Thanks.. I'm confused bout the "jiffy plug method".. is this starting them from seed? Is it a better method than jus plant and water?


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the jiffy pellet just ensures that your soil isnt to rich in nutes and stunts your plants
gives the roots time to develop
i just plant them but when i make the pots up i use a handful of flushed soil from the previous grow or use some seed starter mix
where i plant the seed


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Thanks for your advice! Much appreciated. It was weird cuz my plants sprouted really fast and were really long in the beginning, however very weak. They were probably the same height at 1 month as 2 months :/. Should I still use nutrients or use these last 1-2 weeks as the "flushing". So far on nutrients I've used open seasame twice, beastie bloomz once, and I have cha ching that I haven't used at all. Cha Ching is for the finally stages, do you suggest it?
I'm trying 5 more seedlings to grow outside, hopefully these will do better. And even if those don't do that well at least I won't have to be paying to have my lights on! It's expensive. And growing in the summer was dumb, it's super hot in my place.


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HaHa I hear that from almost everyone that see's them "well at least they're cute".. they are super adorable, but I would rather have an ugly monster plant lol.
Where's a good place to get auto seeds?


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They just do it sometimes. I popped 3 Dinafem haze 2.0 and one of them did the same exact thing. They other two were perfect. They all had the same exact environments and genetics. The stunted one started to flower on day 10 and was only about 8 inches tall when chopped.


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I had 5 plants (one i accidently killed by laying something on it) and they were all stunted.. so maybe genetics?.. or maybe i jus fucked them up.. or combo of both.