Stumbled into a herime pollen chucking run....

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    Short backstory...
    I started some gift seed last March, with two potentially unknown strains. The "gifter" had some seeds get mixed up, he had a handful of (what he was told) LA Chocolate and California Orange. I popped 4 of the "mix" and had one seedling, look A LOT different than the other three, so I figured I had samples of both potentially...
    Shortening the story even further, I eventually murdered the set of 3 look alikes in a ridiculous Noob attempt at making my own organic soil, but the loner survived an emergency transplant to some new medium. It also survived a decent fungus gnat invasion at a young age. Once I got myself under control, and got back to the fundamentals, this specimen stabilized, and vegged out nicely, and showed its female preflowers....After comparing picture of the two supposed strains it could be, I concluded it was the California Orange, who really knows
    Despite its' fairly leggy structure, I took a cutting from it to preserve the pheno, hardened it off slowly and moved it outside for the summer....
    It grew nicely throughout the season and pushed out some pretty fat colas for my limited experience level. Nary a sign of a single nanner at any point of that grow.
    So in the meantime, I had also been gifted a mother of a very healthy, squat, heavy brancher female, of what we believe is an LA Chocolate specimen. I started a perpetual cycle operation with this plant. I had started flowering that original Mom, after I took the clones I needed in early July. 8 weeks later I had plenty of fat, super sticky buds.

    Out of curiosity, in order to learn how many weeks this honey will require to ripen, I decided to flower a sample of the "Orange" indoor, basically to just get it out of the way, since it had been vegging away since I had moved the original outside. I took a clone, and stuck her into flower under a 2x2 DIY LED(Bridgelux EB 3500K) panel. It started to show shortly thereafter, and as the buds developed, the branches began to "self train" because of outright training neglect, or any sort of physical support structure. I basically just let it go, wherever gravity wanted, to see what would happen. It is now starting week 7 of flower....

    Ok now to the point of this post. The "Orange" has reversed. A few days ago, I spotted an open pollen sac on a lower branch. Upon closer inspection, I found a few more sacs hiding under some popcorn buds, and some seeds developing.
    I'm leaning toward the belief that stress caused this reversal. The one I took care of all summer outdoor, I found zero evidence of maleness. I wont really know, until I take better care of the next cut I suppose. I don't think she likes her branches to hang upside down.... :)

    SO, heres a question. IF, I stressed this thing into reverse, it has now definitely pollenated itself, I will have feminized seeds of an S1 California Orange? Er no? If it wasn't stress, and its genetic, then these seeds will all be weirdos?

    What Ive also done with this potentially serendipitous situation, is collected some of that pollen, and brushed it onto an LA Chocolate girl, that was just starting week 3 of flower. Since they are in the same room, about 6 feet away from each other, I concluded the LA had almost certainly already been exposed, and rather than wondering, might as well cross them now, and see what I get. No sense in NOT crossing them, at this point right???
    These two samples I was working with have drastically different physical characteristics. The "LA" is short noded, super branchy, fat leaves, Indica dominant, finishes in 50-55 days. The "Orange" is stretchy noded, lanky, thin leaves, SUPER frosty....I'm now guessing after 6 weeks, it still needs 3-4 more, to finish based on appearance...
    So I guess I "pollen chucked" for the first time, and figured I might as well get a big crop of seeds, since these two phenos are so different, they might balance out the structure? Is that just ignorant hope?

    Correct me if I have gathered misinformation, I try to learn as much as possible from those in the know, gain experience with every development. Crossing phenos was NOT supposed to be delved into at my current rank!!! LOL

    Assuming I stressed the "Orange" into reverse, and crossed it with the stable "LA" in week 3 flower, I should get dozens of 99.9% fem seed of an "Orange" x "LA Chocolate" right???

    What letter/number tag will that cross earn?

    Help educate a brand new hermie pollen chucker.
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    First off, you're not a breeder. You've managed to hermie a plant whose strain is unknown, and you have the resulting seeds if they mature. Congratulations. You may get something decent from them if you're lucky.
    Chip Green

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    I edited my post accordingly....
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