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    Some of my last harvest. All of these were harvested a little early but the final product was still good. Not exceptional but good. The temperatures during the growth of these plants at times exceeded what they should have been. The bud formation is not as dense due to those environmental factors and the fact that I harvested earlier than I probably should have but I had no choice..

    Strain: Strawberry Kush
    Strawberry Cough X OG Kush
    Growth: 7 weeks
    Nutes: VitaGrow
    Yield: Good
    Bag Appeal: Good
    Smell: Spicy and sweet with a hint of Vanilla. I didn't notice any berry smell.
    Taste: Delicious. A smooth hash like taste with sweet and spicy overtones. The aftertaste reminds me of the Blonde Lebanese hash I used to get back in the late seventies/early eighties.
    The High: Strong and fast. A real head heavy high. You stop doing anything for awhile because your head is spinning.
    Comments: I really like this strain as did everyone I shared it with. I had a couple comments about how it was better than anything they have gotten from the dispensaries.


    Strain: Blackberry OG
    Black Domina X Very Berry X Lost Coast OG Kush
    Growth:7 weeks
    Nutes: VitaGrow
    Yield: Good
    Bag Appeal: good
    Smell: Berry with vanilla and spice and a little musky skunk smell.
    Taste: Sweet and Skunky yet smooth. There is a slight berry taste but not very profound. It tastes like an old school indica. Reminds me of some of the bud I used to get back in the eighties.
    The High: Powerful but not ovewhelming. Great for smoking throughout the day.
    Comments: I didn't let this plant go long enough. The buds were not as dense as I would have liked. But It was a summer grow indoors and temps were hot.


    Strain: CBD Nuk-em
    Durban Poison x CBD (The Supreme)
    THC: 8%
    CBD: 8%
    Growth: 8 weeks
    Nutes: VitaGrow
    Yield: Good
    Bag Appeal: Good
    Smell: Strong menthol smell with a hint of pine. Smelling a jar full will clear the sinuses. It's a good smell. Skunky but clean.
    Taste: It tastes good. It is earthy with a pine taste that lingers.
    The High: It's a low THC strain and you can tell. It does have significant CBD levels so you get those benefits which is what the strain is intended for.
    Comments: This came as free seeds. I'm happy that I got them. My girlfriend doesn't like too much THC but wants the medicinal properties of CBD. She's happy I grew this. My normal stuff knocks her out.

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    Nice report! Id like to try some Strawberry Kush, but im a little worried, I get bad vertigo from my seizure meds, so hopefully the "spinning" wasn't anything like that lol

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