Straight Pistils?

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    I have two autoflowering plants in early flowering(2nd week) and one of the plants pistils are straight. They are super straight, they look like spikes. This plant with the straight pistils also seems to be growing taller and at a more rapid rate than the other. It grew 3 inchs over night. This plant literally sucked all the water out of the soil in 24 hours and I had to water the next day(leaves we're looking thirsty) anyone know what would cause this? My nutrients? Lighting? If need be I'll get some pics up later in the evening. Thanks y'all.

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    All my pistils start straight. As they age, they tend to dry and curl. It's not abnormal to have some straight and a bunch curled at the same time. Hope this clears things up. Happy growing :leaf:

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    100% normal, my 2nd week of flower always looks like it's going for a punk rock look. You know, straight up and spiky :lol:.. It wasn't that good of a joke I'm sorry. And I just saw this was from last year lol. So you're probably long past this question.
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    probably the elusive mutant phenotype expression sought after by all experienced growers in the autoflower industry, congratualtions. You should make seeds and sell them to get rich!

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