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    So I posted about a week ago regarding my grow. I still am having issues. So I am growing in soil (Pro Mix HP) and use Advance Nutrients, General Hydro Rapid Start and Cal-Mag. Two of the plants I grew from seed and their leaves are ruff and some are not even growing right. The three smaller ones are clones but I noticed the leaf tips are curling down.

    With watering, I only give them a cup each and use a moister meter before watering again. I use like an eighth of nutrients that they ask for. Like with my Advance Nutrients Sensi Grow. The ask for 4ml every liter. That would be 12 ml a gallon. I only use 4ml every gallon. I filter my water and get the ph to 6. I use an 800 watt MH light and there is plenty of air flow.

    Here is a list of nutrients I am using in my Veg:

    • Sensi Grow A & B
    • B52
    • VooDoo Juice
    • Rapid Start
    • Cal-Mag

    IMG_0619.JPG IMG_0619.JPG IMG_0620.JPG IMG_0621.JPG
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    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    Nute burn?

    noobgrowerstein New Member

    I have no idea. Like I said I'm not using that much nutrients at all. Am I using the wrong kind?

    noobgrowerstein New Member

    I'm just super bummed because my last grow went great and now this has been nothing but problems.
    L S D Pepper

    L S D Pepper Well-Known Member

    soil looks dry

    noobgrowerstein New Member

    yeah i just figured out that i have been under watering and that i had a boron deficiency.
    L S D Pepper

    L S D Pepper Well-Known Member

    happens haha all good tho, when you said cup feeding at that size was a little worried u might be going OTT with the precaution ;)
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    backtracker Well-Known Member

    uneven watering is my guess, on those pots when you water start at the edge and go around until the outer most soil is moist then do the inner soil also when peet moss gets dry it is repellent so misting it will let the water go in easy. if you keep the top soil moist and covered with a mulch the roots will grow into that soil.

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