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    So alot of big things have been happening lately, alot of great genetics have been acquired from around the globe, and I am ramping up on the breeding program.
    Figured I would start a journal here to document my advancements.

    I grow 100% organic and reuse all of my soil. All of my ladies have the chance to display themselves in all their glory once they hit the jars.

    So here we go, first entry.

    Wanted to share the newest addition to the library. Here we have a verified cut of Pre 2k Durban Poison. I am super stoked!! I have been trying to get ahold of her for over 10 years now, and to have her in the garden brings a huge smile to my face.
    This girl arrived in the garden on the coldest day we have had in Colorado this year, in what resembled an ice capsule. She had ice on her one set of fan leaves!
    Within 3 hrs of warming to room temperature, she was perked up and reaching for the sun.
    5 days later and she is kicking ass and looking like she never skipped a beat.
    I cannot even put into words the relief once she got started stacking nodes.
    After the journey she endured, and my first glimpse of her involving ice, I have been a little worried to say the least.
    Let the games begin!!!!!

    Second is a batch of cuttings that will end up being my entry for the DGC Cup in Denver this year. She is a WiFi OG x Kosher Kush.
    This girl puts off so much fuel, you could run a Volkswagen on her!!!

    More to come soon as I become more accustomed to sharing my garden with the world.
    Be patient. Good things are coming.

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    Nice im subbed :bigjoint:

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