STATE has been given 1.2 million to close all dispensaries !

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by Dr. Who, Aug 15, 2017.


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    needs cal-mag:P
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    numbers wrong ....
    in last hr ...

    thats over 1person @minut

    view-o-meter spinning!

    someone nervous out there tryna keep a finger on our pulse-
    heres my current project in case any LEO peepin in here IMG_3668.JPG

    yes thats a 2 1/2oz plant -
    -what im "legally" allowed

    i try and follow the 'rules' here in michigan
    can u say:'misdemeanor' ---->'grey area'
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    buckaroo bonzai

    buckaroo bonzai Well-Known Member

    -this guy 'gets' it ...
    ...or 'got' it imho-
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    I guess you read that I conceded and admitted anger clouding my posts.

    I know my buds are real good but I never said anything about them being the best. I was taunted to post them. They are healing Mrs. MMG's internal cysts. After a lifetime of pain. And they keep me functioning mostly with my illness as well. Plus they get us happy trippy high to boot. :-)

    And I would love to share with you brother but I live all the way west center or so in this state.
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    yep people are already posting on the mma website looking for care givers
    there will def be a shortage of quality caregivers
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    Im coming for that next better be prepared...i might even enter nasa B...and beat ya with your own creation.
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    Dr. Who

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    @buckaroo bonzai

    He's right you know ^.

    As far as MMG and Buckaroo are concerned, they get it, you don't!

    I testified against this shit law. It got me raided and I lost everything I had worked so hard for. Now, over 2 years later. I'm finally back on track, grow wise.
    You will NEVER receive ANY notification of ANY change in the law from LARA! What the fuck gave you that uninformed idea? Stand in front of a judge and say. "But your honor, I was never notified of the change in law!" The judge will say that, I'ts your responsibility to know the law!" BANG! "GUILTY!"

    Your like my father was. Blind trust in the government to do the right thing. You're are one naive SOB........ The "proof" is in whats happened to "legal" states out west. Ask anyone from Co what happened to their #'s. Cali? The waste is my breath on folks like you.....You won't believe it till it happens......Even then you'll say it's the best thing..... Did Germany ever see that Hitler was a dead end. Cambodia and Pol Pot? China and Mao? The list goes on and on!

    Keep sticking your head in the sand.. That's what the "state" wants!

    Vincentc808 Member

    This is ridiculous, the war on drugs is getting out of hand. As long as other states don't start doing this though, I'm looking forward to California's city of Nipton that is going to be an entire city built for weed :)

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    All they have to do, is bring more guns than the .gov does.

    apollo4201982 Well-Known Member

    I can see both sides of the arguments in this thread, but what it comes down to in my eyes is that nothing has changed at all. I can still grow x amount of plants and x amount of weight and supply only my (up to 5) patient. Well 1 thing has changed i can have and make oil and medables after 8 years in the program.

    If your not out on front street and have street smarts you will probably never have a issue with law enforcement, but in that same breath we need you guys fighting to protect what we do have and not fighting each other. Thats why imo we missed the boat on legalization last year.

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    The only way to stop it, is to get them telling themselves that it's just not worth it.

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    You must have missed something if you read this thread but sure...everything is the same or "good" RIGHT NOW...which..that was kind of the point being relayed in this thread.
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    I can see them SOBs going thru the Signed Signatures of all that put their name to that piece of paper, every single person and deciding who to go to next, Bust em take everything the own and Sell it for their own good.
    That is what the Law does in Michigan, They don't care the almost 70% of Michiganders want to legalize Medical Marijuana and Recreational. They will put you in Prison or Jail because votes don't mean shit to the law makers, I said it when King Trump won the nom. that this would happen everywhere, they will tear down all we have done over the past 9 years and put everyone who don't agree with them in jail or prison.
    This isn't the direction we wanted to go, But THEY will take us back 50 years and we need to stand up to these bullies.
    What they're telling us is your vote didn't mean shit to us. We tell you, You don't tell Us.....

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    Yeah Trump really sucks on weed, but if you actually take the time to look at what he's done instead of listening to what everybody's telling you because they've decided that they don't like him you might see him in a different light. I'm a gun guy, and he's really disappointed me but honestly he's good for our economy right now that's what we need. Hillary would've had us in a war already, and if she tried to take our guns it would've started a revolution. Obama doubled the national debt and his term alone, spending more than all previous presidents combined,yet Trump is saved over $130 billion since he started. Give the guy a little credit where it's due.
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    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    This isn't a debate on economics, This is a Weed Site ! This is a debate on Legal MM not how much Trump has saved us.
    It is how his attorney general is putting his heavy hand on all Medical and Recreational Marijuana and anyone who needs or wants to use it.
    I'll wait to judge Trump on anything he has done, and you're a fortune teller Hillary would of had us in a war, Huh Thanks for that tidbit of info. "revolution" and you don't think the U.S is divided because of Trump right now ?
    But I'll save my comment on that for the Politics forum.
    The Point was The king's horsemen don't care what the People want, 90% of the U.S Could and have voted to pass these laws. Sessions is dismantling one piece at a time, To Put People that use pot in jail or prison.
    So then they can profit on their reopening of private prisons and fill their pockets with our hard earned money and take your land, house and cars and sell them for Profit.

    Trump stands behind this, when he promised he would let the states decide that for themselves, and that is not what is happening.
    The Trump administration will dismantle all we have accomplished so far and that is a very sad thing for most on this site.
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    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    It was not the 2008 MMMA voter initiated law or politicians that failed our patients and caregivers, it was our drug war conflicted courts and "justice system" in general IMHO.
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    Norby Grown

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    Dems and reps alike voted for our transport law, which eventually got ruled unconstitutional so..... Maybe a little scourge from all sides?
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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Undoubtely scourge on ALL sides..basically a uni-party with minor differences here and there. They all say different things and if you believe them..haha. Just look how they vote, ALL of them. They use thier positions, both partys, to enrich themselves-litterally. People like mcain,graham,warren and thier staffers-they all made millions of dollars during the aca voting and implementation and it is PERFECTLY legal for them to do so, they made it that way...and that is just one law. (Pst..that bitch would of had us in at least 3 more money pit wars by the end of her term, she said just as much her self)
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