Starting Seeds for a Stinkbud Aero/NTF

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    No they will be fine with rooter in the system. If anything youll just end up hurting them

    Just put a cheese cloth around your pump and not worry about it :)

    I meant simply if they are seedlings you need to make sure you dont water log the rooter is all.

    Dont over think it though just monitor it

    OldGrower Well-Known Member

    No when i pheno hunt from seed I just start in rooters and straight to net pots when ready to go in unit.
    I always pack hydroton or other inert media around cube to stop movement probably protects it from
    getting too soaked. Gl OG

    GoatSoup Active Member

    I don't have any hydrotron but I have river pebbles that might shield the rooter and they are free!

    I generally use neoprene collars to hold the plants, which is easy with clones but tough with seeds. Once I get the perpetual going I'll have clones. This run I'll try Autos from seed.

    blackmelo Well-Known Member

    to make cuttings you need to use a jiffy plug, roottit cube, rockwool or other and these then go into hydro systems so same principle for seeds but yeah it's absolutely fine. I've never had rot and my cubes were constantly wet. Ideally keep them dry but not the end of the world if not.
    So keep the cubes wet till a root sprouts out the bottom, then transfer to a netpot filled with hydroton or perlite, then put into your system and let it take over.

    GoatSoup Active Member

    I ran my old cloner as a Aero NTF low pressure system, and just Ph'd water, by putting a cutting in a foam collar and into the 15/15m sprayers. Near as I remember I had 2" roots in ~7-10 days. I just hung them in the air and sprayed them. Under a ~14 watt LED panel. This time I'm trying a 30 watt panel that has a better spectrum mix. Amazing what 10 years of technology can accomplish.
    I'm hoping for about 400 grams a run from four plants scroged under ~450 wall watts (eventually) of leds. I'm searching for a magic Auto now. I keep stumbling over Jack Herers and they take 60-75 days. I saw a 42 day strain, indica though, and have been trying to find it again. I think it was called "1/2 Fast 1/2 Vast"
    I'd like a strain that doesn't skunk stink as much as the Super Lemon Haze I ran last time. I'm putting in a better fan and filter this time and not running so many plants.

    GreenTools Well-Known Member

    Skip the the top off the rapid rooter so the neoprene insert fits tightly, being careful to not damage the roots much...set your timer to 1 min on, 4 min off... easy way to start.
    Once you get comfortable with that, you can soak your seeds until the tap root is 2" long and put directly into the neoprene without rapid rooters...

    GreenTools Well-Known Member


    GoatSoup Active Member

    While I was waiting for payday to get my fans and filters, I did some more research and found I can get clones locally from a "Real Med Company" for $18 ea for 12-14" clones, or seeds locally for ~$10 ea, so I'll just get some photo clones and put them into flower. This will keep them smaller for my ~24" X30" flower/scrog space and I can clone off them to keep going.
    Maybe I can have bud in the jar in a couple of months! I've been dry for a loooong time.

    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    I have used the rapid rooter method but you should cut a half inch or so off the top of the rooter cube or you will have trouble with the collar pushing up. I suggest you put the rooter cube in the netpot then mark and cut before putting the seed in. No root issues starting with the rooter cubes either at least I have never had an issue with it.
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    GoatSoup Active Member

    Thanks. I'm kind of excited today. I just ordered my fan and filter setup which almost completes my kit for my bath tub grow. I've decided to go with clones for now and maybe some Auto seeds later. I found a few bag seeds and will try germinating them just try out the rapid rooters in my system.

    GoatSoup Active Member

    After searching around I found a lot of the Clone Co's will only sell 20-100 clones minimum at a time! I found a local seed co that had Auto Tangerine Dream and Northern Lights, so I ordered some seed. The Northern Lights is 55-60 days from germination and the TD is 60-70 days, so I'll try the Auto's first.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    You only need a few clones to make an infinite amount?

    Or are you in a big rush?
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    GoatSoup Active Member

    I've been out of dope for a Looooooong Time and want something fast. With what I spent on lights, and stuff I could have bought a whole Oz of primo, but that would have only lasted a month. ;-)
    I can get some clones but the only one I've found that I can research is GG#4 and I wanted more Sativa Dom. All the others are mysteries to me.
    If the NL and TD auto's don't work out I'll order some C99 and WW for perpetual growing, maybe. Or some TD#2 photo which I can get but have to order long term photo clones. We shall see.
    I've never run autos before and wanted to try them. I'm testing out my new system so I thought Autos might be good and will be testing some different techniques in small space LED Aeroponics. Once I get my cloning/ seedling tub sorted out and move it, I can have a three space system to run this summer. I'm starting out with ~5 sq ft of flowering space and two plants first go round. If I don't completely fuck up, I'll be able to run four girls in the bathtub (~8-9 sq ft), if I get another light.
    I figured the NL will give me some Indica and the Tangerine Dream some Sativa Dom so I can decide which is better or different. But who knows what the future will bring?

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Just an opinion not trying to steer you this way or that

    But i would get the seeds you wan AND some gg4 clones.

    My reasons are being an indica it should be easier to grow, shorter, and provide good smoke

    While you veg your seeds along :)
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    GoatSoup Active Member

    Yeah I thought about that too.
    Right now I've got to set up my overhead support and electrical support structure. I want to suspend (on bungy cords) the fan and filter to reduce conducted fan noise. I've got to check the studs out to see how many supporting rails I will need. Once I have the overhead Fan, Filter, Lights supporting structure in I can grow. I don't want to do any overhead construction over my grow at all. I'm clumsy and will step wrong and kill my little girls!
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    SmokeyMcChokey Well-Known Member

    I don't think I've used a gallon or 2 of bleach in all my life. Laundry included lol

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