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    I recently had a run in with spider mites this last run . My grow tent is in a garage , so I was planning on fogging the garage and sterilizing the tent before next season. What type of fogger is best to kill spider mites and any other pest that might be lurking in the garage. (No plants will be present during the fogging) Next run when hopefully I have no pest present (for prevention) I'm going to spray and soil drench spinosadad once a week and then alternating the following week with azamax both foliar spray and soil drench up until the start of flower. Thanks for you help
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    I've heard good things about Doktor Doom, but I cant provide much information on that as I have no experience with foggers. https://www.planetnatural.com/product/doktor-doom-insect-fogger/

    I can hopefully provide a helpful tip, however.

    If your grow tent is in a garage I would definitely get my hands on some Thripex, Thripex-Plus or Thripex-V (by Koppert). They are predatory mites mainly used to control Thrips but also will attack spider mites.

    They work well for controlling these pests both in your garden and from a structural perspective. Definitely an excellent addition to Spinosad and Azamax.

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    Thankyou man , I appreciate the help . I will defiantly try to get my hands on some predatory mites. This might sound extremely stupid but how do you get those pred mites out of your buds once harvest comes around ? Those things are like microscopic

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    I've used and recommended before with great results, spider mites wise, and will recommend again it's very effective, just don't hang it in the bedroom or living room.

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    Furnace in the garage? Careful fogging, don't wanna blow up your grow space.

    What kind of vegetation do you have outside of the garage? You may want to remove anything too close or touching the garage (or your house).

    If spider mites is your issue, you should learn a little about that pest. Basically learn it's lifecycle and treat accordingly.

    I was recently gifted clones along with free spider mites. I use mighty wash (I only treat in veg, if flower I'm kinda fucked, but water knocks them of a little). So, I sprayed the girls (get under those leaves), re applied a week later, then 4 days later, then again 4 days later. That should break the life cycle.
    My routine is based off the egg hatching time.
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