Spider Farmer Black Friday Giveaway, Hurry Up


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2020 Black Friday Giveaway
The contest is open to growers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Russia and some Europe countries.

Prize: SF1000LED + SF 2x2ft (60x60cm) Grow Tent
SF1000: https://bit.ly/2IZkVUF

SF 2x2ft (60x60cm) : https://bit.ly/3m004yB

Rules to enter
1️⃣ Follow @Spiderfarmerled on Rollitup + Like this thread
2️⃣ Leave your country and an entry number from 1-600, one by one
3️⃣ If there is a repeat of the winner number, the first comment with this number will be the winner

We will pick and announce the winner on #Dec.4
Website: https://www.spider-farmer.com/

Spider Farmer Black Friday Sales will start on Nov. 27 Only 1 day, please do not miss