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    If you're looking for a legit US-based seed bank they are great, ordered from them with cash and tracking number , weather in Oregon must been bad it took five days to get to them instead of the three but they shipped out same day with tracking and received it in three days, these people we're awesome ordered a five pack up your northern lights feminized and a five pack of blue dream Humboldt feminized received a 10 pack of the blue drain because the five pack was out of stock with no up charge , so to cut to the chase the prices were very competitive and their service was very great also before I mailed I called to make sure and talk to a gentleman that was very friendly I would highly recommend them

    camaro630hp Well-Known Member

    Nice looking to place my order
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    jeroly Well-Known Member

    I had good success getting my order quickly and without hassle from SOS.
    The beans, though, are still TBD - I am growing their own WW and BB along with the Tangerine Dream from Barney's Farm.
    All the beans popped and sprouted quickly.
    They're six weeks into flower, though, and I'm not getting a lot of frosting on the WW nor any notable smell from the BB yet.
    Obviously I'll know a lot more in a few weeks.

    BenRipped Active Member

    I looked at some of there breeders, seems they raised the price $20 dollars and took seeds out of packs. I know I bought packs of 6/12 elsewhere on the same strains, here they sell packs of 5/10 seeds. Beware doesn't seem legit to alter packs as a distributor. Makes me wonder if all the seeds are even legit?

    jeroly Well-Known Member

    1. I don't recall seeing packs of 6 or 12 anywhere in the year I've been seed shipping. 5, 10, 11, and 13, but never 6 or 12.

    2. The seeds I bought from SOS came in sealed breeders' packs.

    GuerillaGanjaGrower Well-Known Member

    The seeds I bought from SOS came in the breeders packs sealed. This place is legit, got my seeds in 3 days. I bought blue Dream and got 5 free Jack Herer seeds.
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    IRQVET Member

    I just ordered seeds from them for my first grow since high school; Big Bud, Cookie Wreck. They came in two days via USPS via a very nondescript/ secret squirrel packaging.

    GuerillaGanjaGrower Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg I just got hooked up yet again from southern Oregon seeds. I paid 106 bucks for 7 fem CSI Mendocino Purple Urkle seeds, Chris threw in another pack of 5 fem CSI Purple Snow Bubba and 5 fem Bubba OG from Southern Oregon's genetics. Can't wait to get that purple in my life! That is almost 150 bucks in free dank seeds. I don't think I will buy from anywhere else again.

    IRQVET Member

    Oregon Seed Bank included a extra pack of seeds on my order as well. I can't remember what they were, but it was a nice added bonus.

    GuerillaGanjaGrower Well-Known Member

    Their freebies are legit. Here is some Jack Herer I got for free with a previous order. Jack Herer2 10:20:16.jpg

    twiddles New Member

    I couldn't agree more. Chris emailed me within minutes of placing my online order with a big "Thank You." I ordered a 5-pack of HSO Blue Dream Autos and received the order along with a freebie 5-pack of AK47 Autos which they sell for $50! What a great freebie on a small order. These guys are my new go-to seed bank.
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    IRQVET Member

    5 Bubba Kush seeds was what I got as a free gift when I ordered my Cookies from the Southern Oregon Seed Bank. (I had to go look and check what I was given)
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    313 Johnny

    313 Johnny New Member

    SCAMMER!...SCAMMER!..SCAMMER!..SCAMMER!!.. Thats What He Called Me... I Ordered 2 Packs Of "Dr Clones" "Kiwi Gangster"...They Were Advertised As 6 per Pack.. I ONLY GOT 5! BOTH PACKS..Scammed Me There...The Pacs said 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...First Pac of 5 which Should Have Been 6..Nothing Not 1 Poped..Waited 9 Days Nothing..Text him.. No Response.. !3 Days Later No Response..Told Him His Website Was Wrong Their Was Not 6 Per Pack Like Advertised..He Did Change It To 5per Pack On The Website After Me Telling Him... I Tried One Pack Of The Kiwi Gangster All 5 (which Should Have Been 6)..NOTHING NOT EVEN 1 POPPED!...DID THE SECOND PACK!..Got 1 To Pop..(turned out to be a male)..Asked For A Replacement Order Cause I Only Got One To Pop Out Of 10..Gave Him A Address To Mail The Replacement Order Gave Him The Original Order Number..Thats When He Finally Replied.. Told Me I F-up Germinating Them..Yeah .I Figured That Was Coming And He'd Say That...Hey Chris U F-WAD!...Scam Me Bitch Im Gona Tell Everyone..Anyone Reads This Should Tell EVERYONE...DONT BUY SHIT FROM THIS SCAMMING F-WAD...DUDE CHRIS U F-WAD U GOT THE BREEDERS U USE TO SELL SHIT FOR PULLING THEIR SHIT CAUSE YOUR A SCAMMER BITCH..Yeah And I Really Wanted To Try Out Some Of That Dr Clone Kiwi Gangster shit Too....OH YEAH..Thought I Should Add This TOO...I DONT WORK FOR ANYONE ON THIS SHIT..I Just Want To Let People KNOW...Wonder How Many Times Hes Switched Seeds Too...F-U Chris Bitch
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    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    LOL read the post above yours

    Sortastupid Well-Known Member

    What a disappointment,
    I've ordered twice from them and had good luck with there own brand of beans.
    The one time I ordered something from them that wasn't s.o.s. seeds that was when I was disappointed.
    Fwiw it was a Barney's farm that was a poor germ rate, 2 out of 5 popped.
    So sad

    GuerillaGanjaGrower Well-Known Member

    I have also ordered twice from Southern Oregon Seeds without an issue. My last order was 4 or 5 months ago, and I have always received my seeds in sealed breeders packs without anything being tampered with. I ordered a pack of CSI Humboldt Mendocino Purple Urkle and got it sealed wit a sticker in the breeders pack and all 7 beans were there. Chris even gave me a free CSI 5 seed fem pack of Purple Snow Bubba and a free 5 fem pack of S.O.S brand Bubba Kush OG seeds. Maybe things have changed since my last order, but I have always been happy using Southern Oregon Seeds. Here are my Mendo Purple Urkle ladies at day 47 of flower. You can see the purple color change a little but anyone who grows should be able to recognize the Urkle in these girls. The seeds are legit.

    fullsizeoutput_20.jpeg Photo on 4-29-17 at 11.57 PM.jpg

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    Doc Clone I'm interested in your gear
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    Where else can I pickup your strains?
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    313 Johnny

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    Hey GOOBER Ganja BROWN NOSE...That's The Second Time In This Thread You Got A Brown Nose Sticking It In F-WADS ASS....Are You Gona Tell Us How Great F-WAD CHRIS'S Seeds Are EVERYTIME Someone Says Some Bad TRUTH About F-WAD CHRIS And His RIPPING PEOPLE OFF..U PIN-LICK...If Shits Was Brains You'd Have A HAMSTER TERD...U DIP SHIT...THE BREEDER CONFIRMED IT!!!..HE RIPPED PEOPLE OFF...My Dad Taught Me Once A Thief Always a Thief!..Who The Hell Know What F-WAD Chris BITCH Has Been Doing..ALL BREEDER PACKS AINT!!! TAMPER PROOF!!! ..Nways..Go Back In The Corner You Were In Playing With Your PEE-JOE Before I Walked In The Room...SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE A VESTED INTREST

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    In through the nose... out through the mouth..

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