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    So i was looking at sourcing some weed art on a canvas for my room (is it just me or does anyone else think cannabis plants look amazing)

    However upon searching for "art" i came across two distinct issues.
    1. Delivery to Australia
    2. The "art" is really art, what I'm looking for is macro shots of real plants

    So does anyone know where i can source such "art", that is either in Australia or delivers to Australia?

    Cheers :)
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    Amazon Blaze

    Amazon Blaze Active Member

    So you are looking for photo realistic paintings of weed porn? that can be shipped to Aus.
    Amazon Blaze

    Amazon Blaze Active Member

    If you are looking for photos of bud on a canvass, most print places have high end printers that will print on a canvas any photo you want.

    IceJjFish69 New Member

    Sorry for the late reply, but yeah i am, preferably pre-printed so its not too sketchy asking to print photos of illegal plants
    Amazon Blaze

    Amazon Blaze Active Member

    Amazon Blaze

    Amazon Blaze Active Member

    Why would it be sketchy getting a pic of a marijuana plant to hang on your wall. You cant get arrested for having a picture, not even if you tried to smoke it :-D.
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    esh dov ets

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    search printing on canvas, prints on canvas, cannabis printed on canvas printing photos on canvas and just search or comision macro shots of cannabis, could find a local or online print shop to do it. i want to do ths with digital art.
    search online print shop canvas
    there may be better ones, leme know
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