Soil for growing fruit/nut trees in Superoots Air-pots

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    I'm going to grow some apple trees that are currently in 5 gallon containers and some chestnut seedlings that are in 1 gallon containers in some Air-pots in an attempt to increase their survivability and as a comparison 'test'.

    I've previously planted fruit/nut seedlings and had a mediocre survival rate. I'm hoping that using the Air-pots and keeping a close eye on them will help give them a good start. I'm an absentee landowner and will keep the Air-pot planted trees at the house versus planting them in the ground on my property 45 minutes away.

    I also want to keep them in the Air-pot containers a LOT longer than the previous trees. The previous trees were purchased in regular containers and were only a year or so old. I hope to keep them at least 2 or preferably 3 years in the Air-pots. I want them as BIG and STRONG as possible to ensure their survivability

    My questions are. . .

    1. What soil should I use?
    2. Is Happy Frog or Fox Farm's Ocean Forest a good choice?
    3. Are soils geared towards Cannabis too 'hot'?

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    Yes, soils geared towards cannabis are too hot.
    For trees, you need fungal-dominant soil.
    Hm, and I just realized I'm not really sure how to get it that way.... well that's helpful eh! haha

    Actually I am working on getting my grow soils more fungal myself at the moment, but I'm still in the experimental phase. ;)
    I'm doing it by making a fungal-heavy wormcompost and then reamending my no-tills with that. The worms are getting woodchips and leaves mixed with cardboard as bedding, and now and then I mix a handful of oatmeal or a few spoonsful of hemp protein (which I got for us to eat, but hasn't taken haha)... good fungal foods.

    Hope that helps a bit!

    I.G.Rowdit Well-Known Member

    I would recommend root control bags:

    The link is for one of many vendors, do your research.

    As for potting mix I've been using Pro-Mix for more than 20 years for tree seedlings. I fertilize most seedlings with EC 1.25 in the spring when new growth starts. Just keep well watered for the rest of the growing season.

    I've grown hundreds of tree seedlings of many species: Apple to Zelkovia. Pro-Mix worked fine for all.
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    A.K.A. Overgrowem

    A.K.A. Overgrowem Well-Known Member

    Have you ever grown a hemp plant?

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    To promote fungal growth in your soil:
    Don't use pesticides
    Use fungal inoculations like micorrhyzae
    Don't disturb your soil, no till
    Add fresh wood chips...the bark from the outside layer, not the heartwood
    Lots of oxygen and a little water

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